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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Copywriting ’ Category

Essential Business Writing Skills; better sales through better words #ad

Here at IM NewsWatch we see hundreds of ads daily because we subscribe to virtually all the product creator newsletters (and dozens of affiliates) in our niche of online marketing. We need to see this marketing content so we keep up to date, but a lot of it is really poor. The writers often don’t […]

Copyblogger announces ‘Copyblogger Book Club’

The Copyblogger team has announced the ‘Copyblogger Book Club’ on Facebook. This brings you an opportunity to interact with the readers and copywriters and keep improving your writing. Sonia Simone says, “We’re just starting, so you can jump right in. We’ve been having some great conversations. Aaron had a (controlled) freakout over the whole idea of […]

Use these words and phrases to sharpen your sales pitch

HubSpot has listed 60 sensory words and phrases that can help marketers spice up their sales pitch in 2018. Greg Schryer says, “Let’s assume you were selling a technical product and you were able to determine which of these three communication mediums best suited your customer. You would then use different messages for each person. If […]

Copyblogger opens ‘Content Certification Program’

Copyblogger has opened admissions to its Content Certification Program for a limited time. This program helps marketers to develop copywriting skills for strengthening their sales online. This five-week course has following modules: Week 1 – Content Strategy and Your Role as a Professional Writer Week 2 – The Strategic Framework for Success with Content Week 3 – Mapping […]

Create a better copy with these tips

Copywriting is one of the most important elements of marketing and advertising. It helps you make your brand a lasting impression and continue to be in people’s minds. HubSpot columnist Meghan Keaney Anderson has shared six traits of an effective copy to help marketers enhance their copywriting skills. Meghan says, “Copywriting is like a call-to-action, but […]

HubSpot shares five strategies to effective copywriting

For all marketers a copy is the most important piece of content as it is used to convey the product information and convince the reader to take an action. HubSpot columnist Eddie Shleyner has shared five tips to help marketers improve their copywriting skills based some of the writings of Charles Bukowski . On importance of writing […]

HubSpot shares 4 mindset hacks to win more sales

Copywriting is the backbone of any brand. A great copy inspires people to take action and connect with the brand. Right analysis and planning can help a copywriter to come out with a revenue-generating piece of content. HubSpot columnist Erika Fitzgerald has shared four tips to help marketers create a great copy. Fitzgerald says, “To […]

6 Hints to improve your copywriting

Effective copywriting skills can help you achieve better success in your content marketing efforts. HubSpot columnist Meghan Keaney Anderson has shared six characteristics of a great copy to offer an insight into a great copy creation. Anderson says, “It’s easy to recognize good copywriting when you see it, but there are actually several characteristics that really […]

7 Tips to Get More Readers and Subscribers

Online publishing is a big industry and there are millions of writers and bloggers trying their best to attract more people to read their content and subscribe. Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone has shared seven tips that can help such people to get more readers and subscribers. On providing right treatment to the visitors, Sonia says, “At […]

These 9 Tips can Help Your Write a Better Copy

Copywriting is an art. And for marketers a copy is the backbone of his profession. A great copy persuades your prospects to become your customers. It helps you in creating your brand image and value of your products and services among your audience. Copyblogger writer Sonia Simone has posted an article guiding writers to improve […]