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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Archive for the 'Copywriting' Category

Improve Your Conversions with These Copywriting Techniques

According to a HubSpot report, 49% of marketers want to increase customer acquisition. This can be done by using different marketing tactics and tools to promote your products and services.Jeff Bullas has shared 15 persuasive copywriting techniques to help you boost your conversions. Bullas says, “In this article, we’re going to explore 15 persuasive copywriting techniques that engage leads and convert them.So, let’s jump right in.1. Write conversationally – one friend to anotherEveryone wants to feel valued. No one wants to feel like a faceless entity. When you write conversationally,... [...]

Are You Making These Writing Mistakes

We know that common writing mistakes can damage our credibility resulting in poor business performance. On the other hand, your ability to write effectively can help you to persuade your audience to take action.Copyblogger’s Brian Clark has shared a list of seven common writing mistakes and how to avoid them.Clark says, “let’s take a look at some of those types of glaring errors you never want to make — common writing mistakes that can diminish the shine and credibility of your message.1. Loose vs. loseThis one drives a lot of people crazy, including me.In fact, it’s so prevalent... [...]

Improve Your Sales with These Copywriting Techniques

Effective copy can help you to grow you sales exponentially. By adding the element of persuasiveness, you can continue to win more and more customers.Jeff Bullas has shared three persuasive sales copywriting techniques to grow your sales.Bullas says, “Effective sales copy must be engaging, credible, clear, concise, and persuasive.It’s one of the most powerful marketing skills out there. And over the course of this piece, I will give you 3 hefty sales copywriting approaches. Do them right, and you’ll be spinning gold in no time.Without further ado, let’s get started:1. Hypnotize... [...]

Copyhackers’ Guide to Writing Landing Pages for Problem-Aware Visitors

By customizing your landing page themes depending on the needs of your visitors, you can improve your marketing performance.Copyhackers contributor Tyler J Koenig has published a useful article on writing landing pages for problem-aware visitors.Koenig says, “Imagine you’re a first-time homeowner with a raccoon problem.You are almost positive you’ve seen them in your garage. They freak you out and you want them gone…but you don’t really know the extent of the problem.You know next to nothing about raccoons. You don’t know if they bite or scratch or spit freaky raccoon acid.... [...]

Twitter’s Secret Game-Changer, Google Image SEO, Pandemic Pivots, and Sound Affiliate Advice [Podcast]

Copyblogger has published a new episode of The Copyblogger Podcast titled ‘Twitter’s Secret Game-Changer, Google Image SEO, Pandemic Pivots, and Sound Affiliate Advice’.The Copyblogger team says, “This week’s content marketing roundup includes news on the leak about Twitter’s secretive subscription service, how Google Images plans to utilize more data to drive search traffic, the reality of “pandemic fatigue” for content marketers, and the guys answered your question about how to start to monetize an audience.In this episode, Darrell and Tim also talked... [...]

Brian Clark on Improving Marketing Effectiveness with Metaphor

Your words are a powerful weapon – to persuade and win more people. By wisely using your language, you can grow your influence. Metaphors allow you to make the complex things simple.Copyblogger‘s Brian Clark has published a useful article on improving your marketing performance with the use of Metaphor.Clark says, “Metaphors are so powerful because of one simple fact of human psychology: We react more readily to the emotional than the rational.Thanks to the differences between the two hemispheres of our brains, what catches our attention and sticks with us is what we see and feel via... [...]

Consent-Based Email, Economic Trends for Ecommerce, and SEO for Service Businesses [Podcast]

Copyblogger has published a new episode of The Copyblogger Podcast titled ‘Consent-Based Email, Economic Trends for Ecommerce, and SEO for Service Businesses’.The Copyblogger team says, “Darrell and Tim discussed an intriguing new “consent-based” email solution, economic trends for ecommerce retail and info products, and answered your question about SEO for service businesses.In this episode, Darrell and Tim also talked about:Why content marketing looks so different from 10 years agoHow to fight off spammers who have turned your inbox into a dumpster fireThe pros and... [...]

How to Reduce Ad Copy Mistakes

An effective ad copy helps you to influence more people and persuade them to make a purchase. To achieve best results from your ads, you need to avoid mistakes that may harm your business.PPC Hero‘s Diane Chelius has shared an article on reducing  ad copy mistakes with ad content calendars.Chelius says, “In this blog, I will describe one situation, pre and post ad content calendars, and how the additional coordination across teams has helped get quality ads implemented and refreshed consistently in a Google Ads account.Content Calendars For Education AdvertisersA brand I work... [...]

11 Ways to Improve Your Writing Speed

Writing is an integral part of your marketing efforts. With a consistent writing process that results into quality and persuasive content, you can give an edge to your marketing.Quick Sprout has shared 11 ways to improve your writing speed without lowering the content quality.The Quick Sprout team says, “Imagine being able to write posts in half the time you currently do now! That would free up a lot of time to either write more posts or work on other parts of your business.An extra few posts a week can greatly speed up your business’ growth, possibly by years.1. Get your typing up... [...]

‘Copywriting: An Underestimated Conversion Influencer’ Webinar June 10 [Webinar]

Buyer behavior changes according to the prevailing situations. And the COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis that is influencing most of our decisions.VWO is hosting a webinar ‘Copywriting: An Underestimated Conversion Influencer’ featuring Rishi Rawat Founder, Frictionless Commerce, on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 10.00 am EST.VWO team says, “There is a misconception that people don’t read product details and the associated description. This is wrong.So, what is a marketer to do? Write copy that maintains attention and influences the subconscious.Rishi Rawat, Founder of Frictionless Commerce,... [...]