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Monday, June 27, 2022

Archive for the 'Copywriting' Category

SEO Copywriting Tips to Craft Better Copy

By integrating the SEO best practices in your copywriting process, you can write copies that convert more. Search Engine Journal contributor Tony Wright has shared four SEO copywriting tips for creating sharper and more effective copy. He says, “Writing copy that is SEO friendly can be intimidating. But even novice SEO copywriters can make a huge difference by doing a few simple things. 1. Target 2–3 Keywords Or Keyword Phrases Many new SEO copywriters make the mistake of targeting too many keywords or keyword phrases on a page. In my experience, if you are trying to target more than two... [...]

Matt Bacak Instant Swipe File Refreshed, swipe file for sales #ad

Bacak calls Instant Swipe File Refreshed, “A MASSIVE collection of 5,603 profit-producing, click getting emails you can adapt, tweak and alter for your own email or even email followup sequences…” Bacak has been marketing online for about 20 years and has made a name for himself in the “teaching, mentoring and aiding other online marketers” niche (We just made up that name, but it’s the same niche IM NewsWatch is in, so you get the idea.) His primary tool in building his business is email. (we have mentiond his Secret Email System . It was so well-liked that... [...]

Copywriting Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic [Video]

Having a professional, well-written copy in your communications is vital to your success. It helps you persuade people to purchase a product or service. HubSpot has published a new video ’10 Top Copywriting Techniques Pros Use to Increase Organic Traffic’ to help you learn about some of the most influential copywriting techniques. The HubSpot team says, “Copywriting for SEO ensures that your content satisfies online readers. 73% of readers skim content. Learn the copywriting tips that professional copywriters use to optimize every line they compose for SEO and engagement.” HubSpot  [...]

Four Ways to Improve Your Writing

Effective writing skills play a very important role in your marketing journey. It helps you be more persuasive when it comes to reaching out to your prospects. Content Marketing Institute contributor Ann Gynn has shared four useful tips to help you improve your writing. She says, “Study these four tips and related before-and-after examples to get ideas for peppering powerful verbs into your writing. The “before” excerpts come from paragraphs in writing-advice articles I found online and from my own work. (I do love irony.) I itched to edit some of the examples to correct more than verb... [...]

Are you a writer? If not, use ProfitWriter for your ads, VLSs, etc. #ad

New software, called ProfitWriter, was just announced that can write your marketing content for you:   ➤ Creates Unique Sales Letters, Scripts, and Content with the Push of a Button ➤ Just Insert your niche & product name to get the perfect sales letter for it using AI-powered technology ➤ Works for sales copy, upsell pages, video sales letters, emails, articles, and more ➤ Templates by 7-Figure Copywriters are included ➤ Commercial rights let you write ads for other businesses. Start a copywriting biz in a few seconds. ProfitWriter is SaaS software in the cloud that works... [...]

SmartWriterr does hypnotic copywriting automatically #ad

SmartWriterr is getting a good reception from online marketers. 500 copies were sold in about 12 hours. IM NewsWatch was one of the buyers. This new software can assist you in all of your copywriting needs: ➡️ Sales Page Copy ➡️ Video Sales Letters and Scripts ➡️ Blog Posts and SEO Articles ➡️ Product Descriptions ➡️ Ad copy ➡️ And much more. Here are some powerful features that make SmartWriterr so valuable to online marketers: ► You can Create Unlimited Copy, Scripts, And Content ► Creates Ad Copy, Emails, Sales Letters, and Video Scripts ► Includes a Built-In,... [...]

Copywriting: The Definitive Guide

When it comes to marketing, you have to consider several elements that play a vital role. Copywriting is one such important process, as it helps you to persuade and motivate people to take an action. Backlinko has published a new guide titled ‘Copywriting: The Definitive Guide’. It covers the following: Copywriting Fundamentals Customer-Focused Copy Pro Copywriting Strategies How to Write Amazing Headlines Master The Lead How to Write Compelling Copy Proven Copywriting Formulas Advanced Copywriting Strategies. Copywriting: The Definitive Guide  [...]

Three Ways to Write Better

Writing is one of the core competencies of online marketers. By writing an elaborative and persuasive copy, you can grow your business authenticity and sales. Copyblogger’s Sonia Sione has published an article sharing three ways to make writing easier without lowering your standards. She says, “Here are three ways that a content marketing Mandalorian can keep their standards high … without quite as many merciless Imperial assassins or giant spiders. #1: Capture your ideas Every so often, I’m reminded how often we solve our thorniest problems … and then promptly forget our brilliant... [...]

Ahrefs Shares 10 Steps to Write Great Listicle Posts

Listicles are list-posts, are articles structured around lists. Listicles expand on each list item with additional information to make them more useful for readers. Ahrefs contributor Joshua Hardwick has published an article highlighting 10 steps to write great listicle posts. He says, “Listicles don’t have to be clickbait. Those mind-numbing posts about the best potato chips or most ripped celebrities that you see on Facebook give listicles a bad name. It’s perfectly possible to write a great listicle about… well, pretty much anything. In this post, you’ll learn how to do just that. What... [...]

Ernest Hemingway’s Five Tips for Writing Well

Copyblogger’s Brian Clark has published a new article titled ‘How to Write Like Hemingway’ in which he has shared Hemingway’s top five tips for writing well. He says, “These tips work for effective written content, as well as anything you might be writing for audio or video. 1. Use short sentences Hemingway knew how to get to the point. He was famous for a terse minimalist style of writing that dispensed with adjectives. In short, Hemingway wrote with simple genius. Perhaps his finest demonstration of short sentence prowess was when he was challenged to tell an entire... [...]