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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Internet Advertising Tips ’ Category

‘Unifying Your Search and Social Ad Strategies’ Webinar May 10

Digital Marketing Depot is hosting a webinar on ‘Unifying Your Search and Social Ad Strategies’ on Thursday, May 10 at 1.00 pm EST. The DMD team says, “Change is constant in digital marketing. Experienced marketers realize it’s no longer enough to run campaigns in silos. How can you apply your search marketing expertise to amplify your […]

How brands are experimenting with digital audio advertising [Video]

The Marketing Week team has published a video on ‘How brands are experimenting with digital audio advertising’. Lucy Tesseras says, “Consumers in the UK are increasingly streaming music and podcasts to their connected devices, with 24 million people now doing so in the UK each week, according to the latest audio survey by RAJAR. With […]

2018 advertising – metrics for measurement

In advertising you need to trace the performance of your campaigns for better results. Performance analysis helps when you are using multiple ad platforms. Entrepreneur contributor Jeremy Diamond has shared three metrics to help you measure your ad performance in 2018. Diamond says, “One remarkable way to benefit from the growing interest in online commerce is […]

Programmatic native ads: three reason to use

Programmatic native ads provide people with positive user experiences, and they result in better performing ads for publishers and advertisers. Marketing Land contributor Grace Kaye has shared three reasons why marketers should use programmatic native ads. Kaye says, “Doing native ads programmatically means you get many of the benefits of programmatic display: automated media buying, effective targeting and audience […]

More than 76% US retail ad spend occurs on Google

Forbes contributor John Koetsier has published an article highlighting the share of Google advertising from the American retail market. The report states that they spend 76.4% of their search ad budgets on Google Shopping ads and generate 85.3% of their clicks from Google. Detailing more about the Google Shopping ads, Koetsier says, “Google’s shopping ads are […]

Econsultancy shares five biggest words in advertising

Econsultancy columnist Dale Lovell has shared five biggest words in advertising that he discovered while attending the IAB Leadership Summit at Sopwell House, St Albans. Lovell says, “The event operates under the Chatham House rule, so I will not be naming names or revealing too many gory details about what was discussed in the seminars, talks, […]

Seven Google Chrome ad blocking questions answered

Google announced its ad blocking plan for Chrome a couple of months ago. The process has started and it is important for the marketers to know how their ads are performing. Marketing Land columnist Ginny Marvin has answered seven questions dealing with the Google Chrome ad blocking. Marvin says, “Today, February 15, 2018, is the […]

Using Single Keyword Ad Groups to improve AdWords Performance

Google AdWords is one of the most used advertising programs over the Internet. Its flexibility to offer advertisers with the freedom to customize their ads makes it a popular choice. Entrepreneur contributor Jason Parks has shared an article on how marketers can enhance AdWords performance with Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG). Parks says, “You might have […]

Your ads are talking… but who’s listening? [Video]

The Nielson team has published a video interview of Imran Hirani, VP Client Consulting at Nielsen. Hirani shares some insights on making ads more rewarding. The Nielson team says, “With advertisers tasked with reaching and engaging with consumers across multiple platforms, it’s interesting to see many media buyers focus their media purchases on price rather than […]

Tips to get more out of your Bing Ads

Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook are the major platforms that offer PPC advertising option to the brands. According to an Entrepreneur magazine article, keywords that are expensive on AdWords are much more affordable on the Bing Network. To help marketers make most out of their Bing advertising efforts, Search Engine Land has offered four tips. The […]