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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Archive for the 'Google Advertising' Category

You Guide to Setting Up Google Dynamic Display Ads

With the Google dynamic display ads, you can showcase previously viewed products or services to users who have already visited your website. WordStream’s Joe Martinez has published a comprehensive guide to setting up Google Dynamic Display Ads. says, “The setup of dynamic remarketing in Google Ads is pretty easy, but this feature is available only for the Display Network and not available for every advertiser. Eligibility will differ depending on if you want to use dynamic ads for remarketing and what industry your account is in. To help you get started with this helpful feature of... [...]

Five Strategies to Control Your Google Ads Costs

Advertising on Google is one of the best ways to enhance your online reach and promote your products and services to the target audience. But with the right tactics, you can advertise your business at a lower cost. SEMrush contributor Rob Watson has shared five ways to help you control your Google ad costs. Watson says, “In this guide, I will run through the process of getting started with a Google Ads PPC campaign so you can boost your digital marketing efforts in a surprisingly cost-effective way. Here’s what we’ll cover: Define Your Google Ads Goal Identify Your 3 Critical Business... [...]

Google Announces New Improvements to Attribution in Google Ads

Google’s John Chen has announced new improvements to the attribution in Google ads. He has also announced that data-driven attribution is now available to more advertisers. He says, “Today, we’re announcing improvements to Attribution in Google Ads including coverage for YouTube ads and a significant expansion in the availability of data-driven attribution. We’re also sharing updates to our lift measurement solutions including a new way to measure incremental conversions and an accelerated time frame so you get results even faster. Measure more of your Google media Attribution... [...]

Two Ways to Find Missing Search Terms for Google Ads

By building effective Google advertisements, you can grow the chances of conversions. PPC Hero contributor Khushboo Aulakh has shared an article highlighting two ways to find missing search terms for Google ads. She says, ” Google Ads reduced visibility for search terms in September. Most advertisers are reporting a 20% drop in the number of search terms being reported. There are two workarounds to this, and if you have auto-tagging enabled in your Google Ads account, you can find the missing search terms in Google Analytics. Here’s how: Using vLookup to compare queries in Google Ads... [...]

Is Amazon Targeting SMBs with Search Ads? [Podcast]

RankRanger has published a new podcast episode ‘Is Amazon Targeting SMBs with Search Ads?’. Listen to this podcast to learn: How Amazon might be leveraging Search Ads to compete with local suppliers in unexpected ways What Amazon’s paid search strategy implies about the overall direction of the platform How Amazon’s use of search ads might impact a competitor’s ad budgets negatively. Is Amazon Targeting SMBs with Search Ads? RankRanger  [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Designing Display Ads [Guide]

Koozai has published ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Designing Display Ads’ to help you design effective ads for your Google Display Network campaigns. Daria Kolowca says, “Before making any design decisions it is important to consider what the goal of your ad campaign is.  Is it to increase brand awareness, to provoke interaction from the user or a completely different goal altogether? The intent of your campaign will have a strong influence on the design of your ad and it is important you have this mind when making design decisions. These campaigns are usually used for reach purposes,... [...]

Complete Guide to Google Local Inventory Ads [Guide]

Google local inventory ads enable marketers to connect Google’s millions of online users to your offline products. Marketin Week has published a new guide ‘Complete guide to Google local inventory ads’ to help you efficiently use the Google local inventory ads. This guide will help you learn about: The difference between local inventory and multi-channel ads Required data feeds and formats How to maximize your LIA campaigns Handy tools to help track conversions. Complete guide to Google local inventory ads Marketing Week  [...]

Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid [Video]

Google advertising enables you to reach the people who are looking for the products and services you offer. To make successful ads, you need to learn what works in Google advertising. MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video ‘Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid’ featuring Dana DiTomaso. The MOZ team says, “Contrary to popular belief, SEO and PPC aren’t at opposite ends of the spectrum. There are plenty of ways the two search disciplines can work together for benefits all around, especially when it comes to optimizing your Google Ads. In this informative Whiteboard Friday... [...]

A Guide to Ads Keyword Match Types [Guide]

Google Ads keyword match types inform Google when and where to show your ads in the search results. Google keyword match types also help you to determine which searches cause your ads to appear in results. Hallam’s Martin Jones has published ‘A guide to Ads keyword match types’. Jones says, “It is vital to a PPC campaigns performance that the correct match types are used to target search terms. Incorrectly targeting your audience will directly damage your ROI. When using different keyword match types you need to consider your target audience on Google search. The largest... [...]

Google Announces New Audio Ads Features

Carol Walport Product Manager at Google Ad Manager, has announced the addition of new interactive features to Google Audio Ads. The new features will allow publishers to easily monetize their audio content. Walport says, “To help publishers monetize their digital audio content, Google Ad Manager is expanding support for audio ads with new features like Dynamic Ad Insertion for audio, programmatic monetization, and new audio forecasting capabilities. With these new audio features, publishers gain opportunities to monetize their digital audio content, advertisers are able to reach more relevant... [...]