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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Archive for the 'Cross-channel marketing' Category

‘Shifting the organization towards cross-channel marketing’ – Experian Marketing Forward

David Gamber says, “5 key questions from the 2016 Digital Marketer WebinarIn our recent webinar, Shift happens: How marketers are navigating their biggest challenges of 2016, Spencer Kollas, VP of Global Deliverability at Experian Marketing Services, and Sal Tripi, AVP Digital Operations & Compliance at Publishers Clearing House spoke about the biggest marketing challenges of 2016, including the organizational steps required to center cross-channel marketing programs around the customer. Check out their answers to our viewers’ most pressing marketing questions:Q: How can I convert... [...]

‘Can cross-channel marketing save the Next catalogue?’ – Econsultancy

Matthew Kelleher says, “Buried deep in newspaper reports and press releases about 2015 figures and a pessimistic outlook for retail chain Next this Easter weekend was some fundamental news.“Next is planning to save £8m by not sending out glossy catalogues to shoppers who don’t want them” said The Telegraph on Good Friday. The money freed up would be directed into digital, it stated.Catalogues on the wane?It’s not the shift from offline to digital that is the stand out issue here, which remains a constant now as it has done for many years (although the shift in buying patterns... [...]

‘How Marketers Are Capitalizing on March Madness to Build Cross-Channel Engagement’ – MarketingProfs

Veronica Jarski says, “The whirlwind of basketball games that is March Madness presents a huge opportunity for marketers to expand their cross-channel customer engagement.Check out these stats from last March Madness for tips on scoring big this this year.Last year, a whopping 11.3M average total people viewed the games; it was the highest average viewership in 22 years, according to the following Koeppel Direct infographic.Moreover, there were 17.8M hours of live video streams, and 3509M total social impressions across Facebook and Twitter.Digital ad spending by device last year was... [...]

‘Three cross-channel marketing plays: Identify, know, engage’ – Experian

Yvette Mitchell says, “Consumers have come to expect real-time relevant interactions with brands. The response on the supply side: The convergence of ad tech and marketing tech. The response on the demand side: Brand marketers eagerly working with business partners to create integrated cross-channel marketing experiences.This means that customer data and actions across channels and devices should affect the email, mobile, display, TV, web or social message received or viewed by the customer. To effectively execute on this real-time experience requires marketers, much like basketball players... [...]

‘The state of cross-channel marketing in Asia-Pacific’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Jeff Rajeck says, “Digital Cream Singapore was held in late November this year and dozens of brand marketers met to discuss the issues of the day.One of the roundtables focused on cross-channel marketing, and our thanks go to Oracle Marketing Cloud for providing sponsorship.As with every Digital Cream event, the Chatham House Rule applied, so what was said cannot be attributed to any individual marketer.But at the end of the event, the hosts of each table helpfully provided a summary of the day’s discussions.The cross-channel marketing table was hosted by Bilal Serlaman, Marketing... [...]

‘Study Reveals Cross Channel Marketing Challenges’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Entrepreneur team says, “Working with big retail distributors has helped my company take its product growth to the next level, but forging these types of relationships doesn’t come without risk.I’ve heard numerous horror stories about how large retailers end up putting startups out of business when entrepreneurs fail to conduct in-depth analyses of costs and sales before forming such relationships. Done right, however, one successful partnership with a chain store will inevitably lead to more down the road.There’s no question working with a big chain will help grow your business.... [...]

‘The Top Barriers to Cross-Channel Marketing’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Ayaz Nanji says, “Marketers say the lack of a single customer view is their biggest barrier to successful cross-channel marketing, according to a recent report from Experian Marketing Services.The report was based on data from an online survey of 1,012 marketers conducted between November 10 and December 7, 2014. Responses were collected from marketers from around the world.Some 32% of respondents say the lack of a single customer view is a top challenge to their cross-channel marketing efforts. Other top challenges include technology limitations (31% of respondents cite) and organizational... [...]

‘Unlock your cross-channel marketing potential’ – ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog

Bill Tancer says, “In last week’s webinar I went over some of the results of the Digital Marketer survey to discuss what marketers could learn from the findings. Most importantly we found that the biggest challenges to cross-channel marketing are also the biggest opportunities for unlocking cross-channel marketing potential. The data shows that data linkage, organizational silos and the inability to link different technologies are major issues to successful cross-channel marketing and creating a single customer view. Both of these are necessary for a customer-centric approach to marketing... [...]

‘What’s next? Contextual messages force marketers to ‘get right or get left’’ – ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog

Katie Oakes says, “In a recent webinar, two of our strategic experts discussed some of the most important “behaviors of the successful” that they’ve observed among today’s leading marketers. The presentation covered the future of the marketing landscape, offering tips and recommendations for brands looking to improve their marketing programs.Their observations:Cross-channel marketing will finally start to matureMarketers will become more customer-centricContextual messages will get the TLC they deservePersonalization will be the top priorityMarketers will “keep it real”... [...]

‘Engagement affects deliverability’ – ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog

Spencer Kollas says, “Earlier this month, I attended the Email Experience Council’s (EEC) conference. Much of the discussion sparked during and after the event surrounded whether email engagement is used by internet service providers (ISPs) to determine inbox placement.The brunt of the conversation has been inspired by a particularly controversial panel discussion that included four ISP employees (from AOL, Comcast, Gmail and Outlook) discussing this very issue.  One attendee, Dela Quist, CEO of AlchemyWorx, took away the idea that engagement (email opens and clicks) is entirely meaningless... [...]