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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Video Affiliate Goldmine improves your affiliate SEO rankings in 30 minutes or less. #ad

If you want your affiliate site to rank well, video is the answer. Google loves it and ranks it highly. Find hot niches and create videos to get your links in front of potential buyers. Your videos will attract attention and bring you sales. You get a video explaining the strategy, six cases studies showing how it works, plus two hours of audio. You need the fast on this effective method. You can get themnbsp;here.  [...]

Amazon Affiliate Assassins Spring Sports Edition reveals 56 top spring sports products, with selling tools #ad

Spring is on the way and all over North America youth sports leagues and high school leagues will be out on America’s fields and greens. They need equipment and accessories to play their sport. If you jump on this WSO, you will be prepared to sell it to them. Golf and baseball will attract thousands of players this spring. Every one of them will need the necessities of the game. This WSO will put you on the path to selling into this huge market. You get, reviews, related headers for web sites, keywords and a template for writing more reviews. You can find the full description here.  [...]

The White House, celebrities, and even the Dalai Lama are using Google+. Here’s how you can, too. #ad

Google+ has a “hangout room” where you can hold webinars. With Google+, when you hang out with your friends, you can: Deliver Content Rich Presentations Hold client and staff meetings Host seminars, conferences, meetings, presentations, workshops Hold mastermind sessions Feature a local business owner’s business and invite his/her customers Hangout with a chef in your client’s restaurant along with invited guests Run your own “town hall” type of meeting Google doesn’t seem to publish good tutorials or documentation. Get the facts here.  [...]

Video Marketing Supremacy distributes your videos for improved SEO #ad

New video submission system submits Videos to up to 50 sites in under 15 minutes at no charge This collection of step-by-step videos shows you the way to submit your videos to these 50 sites as simply as possible. You also get instructions to assure that your videos are SEO optimized so you get the most from your mass submission This process only takes 15 minutes, and doesn’t require any expensive software. You can get all the details about Video Marketing Supremacy here.  [...]

New Professional Kindle Marketing training shows how to make your Kindle books sell #ad

Professional Kindle Marketing is an end-to-end course that covers the real process of making your Kindle book or print book into a top seller, both inside Amazon. This well-written, easy-to-understand system provides new resources to help you market your Kindle books. It also links to lots interesting and informative information elsewhere. Most Kindle training products skip over the marketing process with just a few paragraphs – Professional Kindle Marketing dives deep to help you achieve maximum sales and exposure. Professional Kindle Marketing not only covers marketing a Kindle book inside... [...]

Rob Maggs automates your Twitter following and campaigns with new “Twitterbot” #ad

TwitterBot is a “one-click” solution for managing your Twitter account “follows”. With it, you can: Automatically unfollow people who don’t follow you Automatically follow everyone who follows any Twitter user. Automatically schedule tweets to run 24×7 Automatically follow people who are discussing your niche Do all these in a “natural” fashion Check out TwitterBot here.  [...]

New “Starting Out SEO” provides a quick intro to the proven SEO methods for ranking well #ad

In Starting Out SEO, you can: Discover how to do SEO the right way, the way Google likes Discover how to target keywords so your results will be right for your site Discover some of the inside knowledge the gurus don’t share If you want to improve your SEO capabilities, look into Starting Out SEO here.  [...]

John Delavera’s famous Delavo content platform is now available a

Hundreds, if not thousands, of sites have been built on Delavo. This eCommerce platform is remarkably rich in functionality. It integrates with nearly any other marketing software you can imagine. Paypal, WordPress, aWeber, Drupal, phpBB,…its linkage is far-reaching, whatever you want your site to do. You can handle sales, memberships, affiliates, forums, JVs- the list is almost endless. If you want anything beyond a small mini-site, you owe it to yourself to investigate Delavo here.  [...]

CB Poster WordPress Plugin automates placing ads for Clickbank products on your blog #ad

One great thing about products sold through Clickbank is that the commissions are usually substantial, far higher than most affiliate programs pay, at least 50% and sometimes as much as 75%. If you promote CB products that are relevant to your readers This plugin adds links to high converting (and high paying) Clickbank products. You get to select each product that you want to post up on your site, determined by the factors that you choose. CB Poster searches Clickbank for high-commission products related to your blog content. You choose the criteria so your ads will meet your specific needs. Let... [...]

WP Theme Machine Software lets you make custom premium themes quickly and easily #ad

Don’t be limited by the free default theme that comes with WordPress. You can exchange it for an attractive theme with a header graphic of your choice. With the WP Theme Machine software, you can customize: The header graphic The width of the theme to match your header graphic The primary color of your site The fonts used on your site The background colors of the site More… You should check out this new software by Mark Sandquist here.  [...]