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Friday, May 29, 2020

Archive for the 'Content Marketing Tips' Category

Strategies to Create Winning Content

When it comes to content creation, you need to keep in mind elements like SEO, audience interests etc. By addressing these two wisely, you can have more people visiting your websites. Koozai contributor Stacey Parsons has shared nine ways to help you in creating content that helps you to get more prospects and customers. Parsons says, “lready aware of how awesome content marketing is? That’s what we like to hear! So, without any further ado, here are our top 9 tips to help you create a kick-ass content strategy that will get results for your business…1. Set your goalsThis... [...]

Five Things You Should Know about Online Publishing

By publishing quality content online you can create an online following for your business and promote your products and services using the content you create. But it is important to know the regulations that prevail on online publishing. Dixon Jones has five important content publishing points that marketers should know. Jones says, “Publishing web content can mean publishing blog content, whole books in email form or multimedia files such as movies or music. Compared to traditional publishing it is very easy to do. The challenge is that there are many laws and problems that... [...]

Creating a Media List for Your Content Promotion

Content promotion is an important element in your content marketing strategy. By choosing the right medium to enhance your online reach you can give visibility to your content. Portent’s Stella Murphy has shared an article highlighting the process to creating a good media list for promoting your content.Murphy says, “Your media lists should be targeted and specific. You’re trying to reach people who will share and link to your content, and they’ll only do that if your content is relevant to them in some way. Media lists should always target relevant contacts. When they... [...]

Create Better Content Using Video Data [White Paper]

Content creation should involve an in-depth research that helps you to identify what is in demand. Analyzing your prospects and customers’ content consumption habits you can move on to create the content people want. Target Marketing team has published a new white paper ‘Create Better Content Using Video Data’ to help you create right content.TM team says, “If you’re a small business, you have to work extra hard to get people to take notice of you, and you probably don’t have fancy budget or big advertising agencies to help you. But that’s okay. If you’re... [...]

Three Ways User Generated Content Can Boost Conversions

UGC (User Generated Content) is the content generated by users rather than the site owner or teams that work on the website. User generated content is an asset that can help you to influence people and win more customers online. State of Digital team has published an article highlighting three ways user generated content can help you to improve conversions.State of Digital team says, “UGC comes in all shapes and sizes; comments, reviews, videos, blog posts, forums, videos, memes and can feature across your site and even in your own marketing. From snippets of review text to full... [...]

Strategies to Create More Links with Content Marketing

Content marketing has several advantages apart from product marketing. You content helps you to influence people and win more backlinks – which works as a great SEO strategy.Search Engine Journal’s James Brockbank has shared eleven ways to help you build more links with content marketing. Brockbank says, “Here are five content marketing techniques which only need a minimal budget to execute, with the main resource requirement here being time and knowledge with the availability of a graphic designer to add extra visual appeal to content ideal if available but by no... [...]

Podcasting Still Matters [Podcast]

Content publishing is the best way to give an edge and expanded reach to your marketing efforts. Podcast publishing is one such thing that gets you followers who could be prospects and later – your customers. Rainmaker’s Darren Vesterfelt and Tim Stoddart have published a new podcast episode ‘Podcasting Still Matters’ featuring Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.Rainmaker team says, “These days it seems like everyone has a podcast, but there are some pretty staggering stats that show podcasting is just as viable for connecting with an audience as it ever... [...]

Your Guide to Open Graph Meta Tags

We create quality content but it becomes popular only by reaching more people online. Social media sharing is the best way to promote your content and get more views.You can improve your content promotion you can use Open Graph meta tags, snippets of code that control how URLs are displayed when shared on social media.  To help you properly use Open Graph meta tags, Ahrefs contributor Michal Pecánek has published a short guide. This guide covers the following:What Open Graph meta tags areWhy Open Graph tags are importantWhich Open Graph tags to useHow to set up Open Graph... [...]

Sharpen Your Content Marketing with These AI Tools

The artificial intelligence (AI) technology allows you to create personalized experiences for your audience. When you combine it in the content marketing domain, you can get amazing results.To help you start using AI into content marketing, Content Marketing Institute contributor Lilach Bullock has shared an article highlighting five AI tools to improve your content marketing performance. Bullock says, “Check out these five AI tools to help you be smarter in your content marketing. 1. Develop a predictive journeyMost of your website visitors are anonymous. They visit... [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing in 2020 [Video]

Content marketing is expected to become more personal in the coming years thanks to technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. It means that there will be more opportunity to explore and to make more profits.Neil Patel has published a video ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing in 2020’ to help you strengthen your content marketing efforts in the new year.Patel says, “The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing in 2020 | Content marketing is still one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get targeted visitors hitting your website... [...]