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Monday, October 3, 2022

Archive for the 'YouTube Marketing' Category

Recent YouTube Updates: Shorts, Livestream, Ads, Stories and More [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Recent YouTube Updates: Shorts, Livestream, Ads, Stories and More’ featuring Brian Dixon and Jessica Stansberry. In this video, they cover: Shorts and Stories Livestream Updates Podcasting Search Chips Filtered Types on Channels. Social Media Examiner  [...]

A Marketer’s Guide to YouTube for Business [Podcast]

MarketingProfs has published a new podcast episode ‘A Marketer’s Guide to YouTube for Business’ featuring Nick Nimmin. The MarketingProfs team says, “In the TikTok-Twitter social media world, it’s easy to get caught up in how popular your content becomes right away. How many views or retweets? How many people are interacting? What are they saying? You want to know immediately! YouTube is a little different, explains Nick Nimmin. You can’t compare views of longform video content to those of short 30-second Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels and TikTok are referred... [...]

YouTube Advertising: How to Run Your First Ad [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘YouTube Advertising: How to Run Your First Ad’ featuring Allie Bloyd. The SME team says, “Want to start running ads on YouTube? Not sure how to get started? In this video, [email protected] Bloydprovides a complete step-by-step tutorial for setting up and launching your very first YouTube ad. You’ll discover the basics, like how to set up your YouTube channel and Google Ads account, as well as how to link your accounts to track performance. You’ll also learn how to set up a new campaign from start to finish, including choosing... [...]

Why Your YouTube Videos Are Failing [Video]

Video is an integral element of your marketing strategy today. With the help of quality video content, you can drive more sales and grow your business. Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Why Your YouTube Videos Are Failing’. The SME team says, “Are your YouTube videos getting really low (or zero) views? Wondering how to boost traffic on your channel? Discover the keys to attracting more viewers to your YouTube channel.” Social Media Examiner  [...]

YouTube’s Future, Analytics Updates, and More [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘YouTube’s Future, Analytics Updates, and More’ featuring Michael Stelzner and Jessica Stansberry. The video covers the following: The Future of YouTube YouTube’s Plans for Podcasting YouTube’s Plans for Creator Support YouTube’s Plans for Shorts YouTube’s Plans for Commerce YouTube’s Plans for NFTs YouTube Analytics Updates: Similar Videos YouTube Analytics Updates: Videos Contributing to Audience Growth Card YouTube Analytics Updates: Shorts Remix Card YouTube Brand Connect MediaKit Downloadable... [...]

VidShortz builds short videos for strong engagement #ad

If you have been on YouTube recently, you have probably seen what they call “YouTube Shorts”. These are very short videos, less than a minute long. This feature was probably added in response to the popularity of TikTok, which is full of short videos. VidShortz lets you quickly build short YouTube videos and put them to work to enhance your marketing. If you haven’t considered using these YouTube Shorts in your business, the time is right to add them to your marketing toolset. Being relatively new, they are not overrun with videos from other marketers. Even if you are a beginner,... [...]

YT Titan: YouTube marketing training for expert results #ad

The doors just opened on YT Titan. You can now get this detailed training teaching you how to build authority YouTube channels you can use to rank your affiliate linkrs or your own products. As you may be aware, Google treats YouTube videos kindly. If you rank in YouTube, you will typically rank in Google, too. So with YT Titan, you discover how to rank in both. This course is a series of 24 videos that teach you how to build an authority YouTube channel from scratch. Here’s what you will discover: ➤ How to create & optimize an affiliate YouTube channel from scratch ➤ How... [...]

How to Make Advertiser Friendly YouTube Videos

Today, you win more from your YouTube videos with the help of advertisements. By creating advertiser-friendly video content, you can generate more revenue. Search Engine Journal Matt Southern has shared four tips to help you make advertiser-friendly YouTube videos. He says, “YouTube answers questions about its advertiser-friendly guidelines and offers advice to creators to help ensure videos are always fully monetized. The advertiser-friendly content guidelines are YouTube’s rules that govern which videos will earn full monetization privileges and which will only be partially monetized. Over... [...]

Improving YouTube SEO with Analytics

When it comes to getting your video content indexed in the search results, it is important to attach relevant keywords to your video content. Apart from this, in-depth analytics can also help you get better video views. Yoast contributor Phil Nottingham has published a free guide ‘YouTube SEO: How to use analytics for your video strategy’ to help you make the most of your YouTube efforts. It covers the following: YouTube SEO is part search, part social Individual video performance in YouTube 1. How much traffic is coming to the video? 2. Where is the traffic coming from? 3. What are... [...]

Your Guide to Building a YouTube Ad Sequence

YouTube video ad sequencing lets marketers show ads on YouTube in an order based on the most compelling and memorable story structures. Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonnenberg has published an article highlighting the important steps to build a YouTube ad sequence. She says, “YouTube ad sequences offer a valuable opportunity to connect with your target audience. Here are a few ways your business can leverage this tool—and why you should consider using it. Deliver Your Brand’s Message in Order If you’ve set up solid targeting parameters and built YouTube remarketing... [...]