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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Archive for the 'Google Hangouts' Category

Alex Mandossian training on Google+ Hangouts #ad

As a part of the run-up to his launch Tuesday, Alex Mandossian has released Free Hangout Marketing Training on using Google+ Hangouts for improving your business results. G+ hangouts are free, and they provide the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to expand your online exposure without spending money on advertising. When you start using them, you’ll attract more clients and customers. Because with Hangouts, you grow your business around your personality and your strengths in a way that are unique to you. None of your competitors will be able to copy who you are. Hangouts are new: different... [...]

What’s the future of social media? #ad

As surprising as it may be, Twitter and Facebook aren’t the cutting edge of social media anymore. But another familiar name is. IM NewsWatch has been appointed a “Joint Venture Sponsor” for a new evergreen training program. By special arrangement with Alex Mandossian, we have arranged access for you to a video that gives you a sneak peak into what’s in store in 2014. In the video, you’ll get Mandossian’s insights on where Social Media are heading, and you will get a hint about the additional training he will be offering soon. It is well-known that exposure to... [...]

Google Hangouts, the newest tool for social marketing #ad

Alex Mandossian has been training marketers for success for years. During this week, he is offering you a chance to get in on the early stages of Google Hangouts so you can grow your expertise as these hangouts become more popular. He calls this new training program Hangout Marketing Challenge. This is a 90 day coaching program that shows you how to become a proficient user of Google Hangouts in your business. Simply by participating in the challenge you will discover how to: * Get more online exposure to build your brand * Attract more new clients and customers * Gain the attention of other... [...]