As a part of the run-up to his launch Tuesday, Alex Mandossian has released Free Hangout Marketing Training on using Google+ Hangouts for improving your business results.

G+ hangouts are free, and they provide the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to expand your online exposure without spending money on advertising.

When you start using them, you’ll attract more clients and customers. Because with Hangouts, you grow your business around your personality and your strengths in a way that are unique to you. None of your competitors will be able to copy who you are.

Hangouts are new: different from forums, different from ordinary webinars, different from chat rooms.

In this free video, Mandossian wants to show you how this new, unique channel can quickly launch you and your business to the top of your niche.

Along with the training, you will also get the news on Mandossian’s Hangout Marketing Challenge. If you have been struggling to get your marketing working, Mandossian says this is your solution for overwhelm, lack of focus, fatigue, self doubt and fear.

Get this free training and learn how Google+ Hangouts can get your marketing revved up here: Free Google+ Hangout Marketing Training

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