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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing News' Category

Live Call with Tellman Knudson, Alex Mandossian and Russell Brunson

Tellman Knudson, Alex Mandossian and Russell Brunson will participate in a live call on March 29 to discuss adding a $1 postcard follow-up to any business. […]  [...]

Jeff Mulligan’s Views on Adding Audio to Websites

Jeff Mulligan ran an A/B split test between two sales pages for one of his products and found that the pages where he had added an audio guarantee sold 57% and the page without the audio sold 43%. […]  [...]

Joshua Shafran Teams with Mr. K of Banabu to Teach a 90% Success Rule

Joshua Shafran has teamed up with Mr. K (full name not disclosed yet) of Banabu to offer a 60 minute free training to teach a “90% Success Rule” for becoming rich and prosperous. […]  [...]

Jeremy Gislason’s and Simon Hodgkinson’s Secret Audio Sessions

Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson offer free access to “Secret Audio Sessions”, over 3 hours of marketing audios and transcripts. […]  [...]

Tuks Engineer’s DRR Members Get Resell Rights to Cody Moya’s Article Marketing Secrets

Tuks Engineer is offering resale rights to Cody Moya’s Article Marketing Secrets, to the members of the Digital Resell Rights. […]  [...]

Joel Christopher’s Teleseminar with Terry Dean on March 27

Joel Christopher’s teleseminar with Terry Dean on “How To Build Your List & Retire Young & Rich!” will be on Monday, March 27. […]  [...]

Raamakant’s 10 Online Joint Venture Ideas

Raamakant’s “10 Online Joint Venture Ideas” start with simple exchage of text links or banners and goes on to creating a freeware program with another business. […]  [...]

Allyn Cutts’ Amazing Marketing Strategies

Allyn Cutts’ “Amazing Marketing Strategies:Hook your Reader with these Three Techniques” discusses the “the structure of the mailer” and offers 3 techniques for writing the headline or the first sentence of the letter. […]  [...]

24 Hours Left for Leon Klepfish’s Discount Offer of Lo Benedict’s eBooks Package

According to Leon Klepfish, his offer of Lo Benedict’s “Instant Turnkey Reseller Package” at discount rate will expire after 24 hours. […]  [...]

Cody Moya Announces a Video Tutorial Program for Newbies

Cody Moya has a new Video Tutorial Program that teaches newbies how to set up their online business. […]  [...]