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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Latest News

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Cost of Search Engine Optimization

The cost of Search Engine Optimization for highly competitive keyword phrases is estimated $50,000 – $100,000 a year to secure top ten Google placement. [Read more]  [Read more]

Xamlon released beta version of Xamlon Web

Xamlon released a beta version of Xamlon Web, a tool that lets .NET developers use C# and Visual Studio .NET, at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference. [Read more]  [Read more]

Bryan Winters Launches Free Private Label Info Site

Professional marketer Bryan Winters has announced a no-cost private label package site. [Read more]  [Read more]

Key House Committee Draft for Net Neutrality

The House Energy and Commerce Committee draft, requiring broadband providers to allow their subscribers to view any legal online content is a victory for advocates of “net neutrality”. [Read more]  [Read more]

Online Game Characters Auctioned

Washington Post reports, “Online role playing games have created a shadow economy in which the lines between the real world and the virtual world are getting blurred”. [Read more]  [Read more]

Google’s Meetings & Google Rumours

Google has had meetings with 300 analysts and is planning a meeting in Zeitgeist, Oct 25-27, with 400 people on the invite list and rumours are floating as to what Google’s next move might be. [Read more]  [Read more]

Paid Content to Increase to $8.9 Billion in 2010

Consumers of online paid content is up 5 percent from last year and it is likely to reach $8.9 billion by 2010 according to a reasearch report. [Read more]  [Read more]

Microsoft Internet Explorer has a Flaw

Microsofts Internet Explorer has a flaw and “The flaw is remotely exploitable”. [Read more]  [Read more]

Internet Explorer 7: New Features

Microsoft has announced several new features in Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 7. [Read more]  [Read more]

Gasoline Price Rise Benefits Online Shoppinig

A survey of online buyers indicates that the high gasoline prices are beneficial to online markets as more people are ready to buy online. [Read more]  [Read more]

Music Companies Sue Baidu

Music Comanies like EMI, Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner allege Baidu has violated copyright rules and allowed users to download music illegally. [Read more]  [Read more]

Google Blog Search

Google has indexed a couple of months of Blog data but it is developing it into a complete search engine. [Read more]  [Read more]