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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Latest News

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Symantec Launches Internet Threat Meter

Symantec has launched Internet Threat Meter. The service provides information on risk-levels associated with specific online activities, including Email, Web Activities, Instant Messaging and File Sharing. [Read more] [Read more]

Internet Will Continue to Drive Advertising Growth

The internet will continue to drive US advertising growth, according to Kagan Research. According to Kagan, the internet has seen 57% growth on average for the last 10 years. [Read more] [Read more]

Knudson Announces ‘Tellmanar’ for $1 ‘Customer Appreciation Seminar’ Participants

Tellman Knudson has announced “Tellmanar” for those who sign up for Armand Morin and Alex Mandossian $1 “Customer Appreciation Seminar” in June. [Read more] [Read more]

Colligan & Cates ‘Podcasting’ Teleseminar on May 15

Paul Colligan and Jeanette Cates are having a teleseminar about podcasting on Monday, May 15. [Read more] [Read more]

Joyner’s Mystery Man of the Week – Kofi Annan

Mark Joyner has revealed the identity of this week’s mystery man – Kofi Annan, the current Secretary General of the United Nations. [Read more] [Read more]

Christopher to Take One More Person for One-on-One Coaching

Joel Christopher is going to take just one more person for his coaching and mentoring program. Those who join him will be able to add 1000 to 10,000 new subscribers to their mailing list in 99 days, according to Christopher. [Read more] [Read more]

McCarthy’s Blog Post: Dealing with the devil?

Ken McCarthy’s latest blog post is titled “Dealing with the devil?”. The post discusses resistance to new technologies and ‘BitTorrent’. [Read more] [Read more]

Morin’s Free ‘Customer Seminar Training Call’ on May 11

Armand Morin is having a free “Customer Seminar Training Call” on Thursday, May 11. Morin will discuss how he builds a huge list with only minor tweaks to his Marketing Campaign. [Read more] [Read more]

Moya’s Featured Article: Why Selling Movies for the PSP Can Be a Great Choice

Read Cody Moya’s featured article on “Why Selling Movies for the PSP Can Be a Great Choice”. [Read more] [Read more]

Ian Del Carmen Launches ‘Mobile eBooks’ Website

Ian Del Carmen has Launched a membership site called “Mobile eBooks”. The services include five mobile ebooks every month with resell rights. [Read more] [Read more]

Edmondson Announces ‘JV Alert Live’ Bonus with ‘JV Formula’

Brian Edmondson has announced a special bonus for people who purchase ‘JV Formula’, which is set to launch on Tuesday, May 16. Edmondson is offering a free ticket to ‘JV Alert Live’ in Philadelphia on June 23-25. [Read more] [Read more]

Digital Provisioners Launch ‘ClickBank Product Alert’ Beta

Digital Provisioners have launched a beta version of ‘ClickBank Product Alert’. The free service allows subscribers to be automatically notified by email on the same day a new product is added to the ClickBank Marketplace. [Read more] [Read more]