IM NewsWatch Bonuses for ReClick

Use These Bonuses from IM NewsWatch to Bolster your Success

Bonus 1: Hack Your Business with Super Funnels

You can’t build a successful business online without powerful sales funnels that take your leads and convert them into money machines for you, if you don’t know this yet then you’ll likely never succeed online.

Good and great marketers are separated by how powerful and profitable their sales funnels are and that’s why ReClick is really helpful because it takes any funnel and turn it into a super funnel overnight.

Inside this video training, you discover how to hack your business growth by building super funnels that take your prospects and put them in a very comfortable position where they’re very confident to spend their last dime on you.


Bonus 2: Traffic Filter App

The worst thing that can happen to your online business is your traffic being filled with visitors who are not interested in your offers. it’s like a bad dream because they produce the worst conversion rates.

And it’s even worst if you’re paying for the traffic.

But it’s hard to know which of your traffic is making you money when you have visitors flooding your page from multiple sources. In this case, you’ll need a lot of technical experience with extremely costly analytic tools to even catch a glimpse of it.

Many consider doing split testing, but split testing takes time andrequires careful attention to analytics details.

That’s why you need this Traffic Filter app – it will automatically handle everything for you and tell you exactly which of your visitors and traffic source are making you money so you can target your promotions to them.


Bonus 3: Traffic Babylon

We all know that you can’t make money online without it traffic.

Inside Traffic Babylon, you will discover a free but almost unknown traffic source that’s allowing marketers to get millions of impressions and 100s of thousand of targeted clicks monthly.

With this source, you can start getting buyer traffic to your site in minutes from now.

Bonus 4: Social Proof Sales Machine

 You are getting ReClick today because you want to dramatically increase your sales. That’s why we are giving you this software that allows you to build massive social proof, which will further increase your sales.

If you decide to upgrade to the Pro version, you also get these Bonuses

OTO 1 Bonus 1: Customer Rentention Hack

Once you start integrating ReClick into your marketing campaigns and funnels, you’re going to start getting leads and acquiring new customers. But that's just a start

The real marketing (and more money) comes from retaining those customers and leads so they become repeat buyers.

Inside this blueprint, you will discover the coolest customer retention hack that smart marketers are using to get their customers to beg them to mentor them and to have customers stay on their email list for life.
The best thing that can happen to you and your business is having a customer beg you to make sure he/she is included in your best email list to receive all your latest updates and products, and this shows you how to get that.

OTO 1 Bonus 2: Launch Your Digital Product Business

The biggest secret and fortunately, the easiest way anyone (even those with absolutely no experience) can make money online is to start selling. This is one “open-secret” that many beginners never understand. And when you do it will make all the difference in your success.

In broad terms, there are two types of products you can sell online: Physical products and Digital products. Digital products are easier since delivery is simply a download. You don't have the hassles and expense of shipping and postage.

Inside this video training, you are getting a step by step plan for building a successful digital product business that can be making you real money within the next 30 days.  Without fluff, you are getting a plan for a potential 6 figure digital business.
OTO 1 Bonus 3: Online Profits Action Plan (ReClick Exclusive)
The ReClick system is all about building an extremely successful business online and making profits from your current and future marketing campaigns and funnels.

This action plan blueprint shows you how to plug in ReClick into your business and generate profits quickly using a simple step by step plan.


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