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Friday, December 2, 2022

WP DigiPro Bonuses from IM NewsWatch

WPDigiPro Special Bonuses

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Special BONUSES from IM NewsWatch
Attention Online Entrepreneurs, If You Have Been Struggling to Sell Your Digital Products, This is What You Are Waiting For… Your Search is Now Over!

Start Selling Your Digital Products in a Matter of Minutes with WPDigiPro. Hassle Free and No Complicated Setups!

  • Sell Digital Products with Ease, Unlimited Products!
  • Sell eBooks, Software, Membership, Online Course, Graphics, And MANY More…
  • Multiple Payment Gateways Supported
  • Tons of Autoresponders Integration
  • No Coding, No Complicated Setup, And No Monthly Fee!
  • License Key Feature for Your WP Themes or Plugins
  • Enable Recurring Fee for Your Digital Products
  • Complete Report of Your Product Stats
  • Complete Documentation and Tutorial Videos
BUT You Need to HURRY, As This Special Discount Offer Won't Last Forever!
Have you ever thought about selling your own digital products, but didn't know how to set it up? You're not alone. In fact, most people won't be able to do that…

Because it's complicated to set the system up; download link protection, product delivery, automatic members access, payment gateway integration, email notification, and many other technical stuff.

Fortunately, we have the PERFECT solution for YOU…

And if you think only the techie guys who can do it, forget it now!

With WPDigiPro, you can manage, sell, and automate your digital product business. With NO coding and NO complicated setups! So you can…

1. TAP Into Digital Product Multi-Billion Industry

According to, the eLearning market is growing at an unprecedented rate, an incredible $51.5 billion revenue in 2016.
And eLearning is just one type of digital products. There're also other type of digital products such as software, graphics, stock photos, music & audios, and animation videos. Imagine how BIG it is…!
"Digital Product on The Fastest Growing Business in The World!"
2. TURN Your Skills Into a Money Machine

Whether you are a photographer, web designer, programmer, running an online course, running a membership site, web agency, graphic designer, music composer, or selling ANY kind of digital products.

They have GENERATED $112,944.68 revenue over the past few months when they use WPDigiPro to sell their own digital products.

And now is your turn, selling your own digital products just like they and other successful online entrepreneurs do.
3. And Make Money on Autopilot

When we run digital product business, we believe this is the freedom and the easiest way to make money online… Because it is! Transaction and product delivery are done automatically without even we do anything. And it doesn't matter even we're traveling, driving a car, sleeping… digital product business runs 24 hours a day on complete autopilot.

To Start Selling Your Digital Products with WPDigiPro, It's FAST and EASY in These 3 Simple Steps:
You can add as many as products you want, UNLIMITED products! From software, online course, graphics, and more. ANY kind of digital products!
Setup the payment gateway, Autoresponder integration, email notification, and more… ALL can be done inside your WP admin dashboard.
It's all set… then you are ready to START SELLING your products. Collect money and deliver the products on complete AUTOPILOT!
Watch this video how EASY it is to setup your digital product
SPECIAL BONUS #1: Digital Product Creation
Your guide to simple and effective product creation. Cash in on the latest product creation techniques and learn the secrets just like the experts do!

And the good news is you don't have to be super-creative to produce your own unique product. You may always do what so many others do, and that's to upgrade something that exists; or make it greater and better. Must have guide for you!

  • Value: $49.00
SPECIAL BONUS #2: How To Launch A Digital Product Business
Discover how to start, build and launch your own digital product business without breaking the bank… Find out how to create your first digital product for sale and start getting sales on autopilot!

You'll learn how you actually go about launching your product and generating huge sales for it.

  • Value: $197.00
SPECIAL BONUS #3: Email List Secrets Step-by-Step Guide
If you listen to pretty much any top marketer, then they will almost always tell you this. They will almost always say that the most important aspect of their marketing – the thing that led to their success – is email. And there's a very good reason for this.

Discover the step-by-step blueprint to building a thriving email list and increase your profits starting today! Increase your audience as well as increasing engagement. The single most effective way to do that is with email marketing.

  • Value: $67.00
SPECIAL BONUS #4: The New Traffic Generation and Beyond
What you'll need in order to achieve success is targeted traffic. That means people who are seriously interested in whatever information, product, or service you happen to be promoting.

Get ready to give your business a huge upgrade, because you're about to discover the time saving, profit boosting magic of Traffic Generation!

  • Value: $37.00
SPECIAL BONUS #5: How To Read Your Customers' Minds
In this guide you'll learn the essential ways to find your new affiliates, the armies that promotes your products! If you want to grow your business, you need to grow your team of affiliates to increase sales.

Inside this video training, you are about to learn how to do it right that will really lessen your marketing expenses and have great return of investment.

  • Value: $39.00
SPECIAL BONUS #6: Ways To Find New Affiliates
In this guide you'll learn the essential ways to find your new affiliates, the armies that promotes your products! If you want to grow your business, you need to grow your team of affiliates to increase sales.

Inside this video training, you are about to learn how to do it right that will really lessen your marketing expenses and have great return of investment.

  • Value: $79.00
To Qualify for This Special and Limited Bonus Offer, INVEST In WPDigiPro Through This Page. CLICK The Button Below To Continue:
To your success,
IM NewsWatch

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