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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Archive for the 'The Proving Ground' Category

Google Analytics Training Guide Released

The Tool No One Knows. We all have heard of Google Analytics, but most of us know only the name, or at most a few high-level statistics we can view. This is a real Google secret weapon for webmasters. If we take advantage of all it can do to provide us with actionable information, we can tune up our sites and make them far more productive for us. With this powerful free tool, a world of information about our visitors is available to us. You can find out how the visitors arrived at your site, for example; search engine? typing in your URL? Clicking a link on some other site? Google knows and... [...]

Google Mastery: Your introduction to the power of Google+ #ad

This is the third in the series of Mastery e-books by Shelley Owens: * Book 1 is QR Code Mastery * Book 2 is Mobile Marketing Mastery Like the others, it is written to help even a newcomer understand an important and somewhat technical subject without requiring you to become a tech wizard. When you finish this training, you will understand the role Google Plus plays in marketing. There is a special emphasis on Google Plus Local and its importance for local merchants. This training is helpful for marketing consultants who need to explain to their clients why Google Plus is important to their business.... [...]

Niche Definition Strategy: Finding a niche where you can profit #ad

If you are at a loss for what niche to focus on, Finnish marketer Hannu Polvi has a concise training e-book called Niche Definition Strategy to show you how to choose a niche that: 1. You can feel “at home” in and 2. You can earn some money in Niche Definition Strategy gives a rationale for Polvi’s process and then he launches into the systematic process he uses. He believes your own life has prepared you to do well in certain niches and not so well in others. He takes you through a question and answer process to identify the areas where you are prepared. Once you have narrowed... [...]

QR Code Mastery: position yourself as a mobile marketing guru #ad

Shelley Owens is a business journalist and public speaker. Her specialty is business stories, particularly stories of value to small businesses. In the course of her long career, she has had many opportunities to speak and write for major audiences. Now, in her new product, she is turning her attention to online marketing for local businesses. She has written QR Code Mastery, a guide for consultants to offline businesses, showing them how to position themselves as the local expert on the topic of mobile marketing. Of course, there’s more to mobile marketing than QR codes, but they are a growing... [...]

Kindle Singles Pro Launch: a sales boost for Kindle authors #ad

Paul Coleman is the founder of and his life is devoted to promoting authors and their books. In this role, he has naturally become an expert on Kindle book marketing. To help us get started as an author of Kindle books, Coleman has released Kindle Singles Pro Launch, showing potential Kindle authors how to create a “Kindle Single” with the best chance of success. Kindle Singles are short books that Amazon, itself, promotes. In fact, the most heavily promoted books on Amazon are Kindle Singles. Singles have the seal of Amazon’s approval and Brand Name on them. Amazon... [...]

Proving Ground Review: New Trust Seal Available, Trust Establisher

Trust Establisher is, from an end user perspetive, a trust seal similar to those provided by Verisign, TrustE, Better Business Bureau, HonestE and many others. Justin Mandel, the creator of Trust Establisher, is entering a marketplace that is already crowded and may have difficulty getting traction. As with all trust seals, it is intended to supply an third-party endorsement for your site. However, this seal has benefits beyond those provided by most others. It provides additional social proof of the trustworthiness of the merchant, described below, and this proof can be continually updated as... [...]

The Proving Ground looks at “Google Resurrection”

The author of Google Resurrection had the misfortune of having his profitable site,, de-indexed by Google in February, 2011. As a result, his income dropped dramatically. Google Resurrection is the story of how he was able to regain his ranking in Google’s search results. Google Resurrection is a 47 page e-book that goes into detail about what we can know of how Google operates and how we can stay within the guidelines (sometimes, unpublished, but deducible from Google’s actions) and either avoid a “slap” from Google or recover from one. The... [...]