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Friday, July 10, 2020

Local Whiteboard Video Pro Vol 5; sell them to local clients #ad

Matt Bush has just released a new set of whiteboard videos designed to help local merchants to draw in leads.His Local Whiteboard Video Pro Vol 5 is a set of videos targeted at 4 niches:• HVAC• Credit Repair• Accountant• Debt CounselingAs always, he also includes 4 related videos for you to use to help you market you web services to clients in these 4 niches. You get 4 for you and 4 to sell to them.Bush is an old hand at this. This is his fifth set of videos.If you are working with clients in any of these niches, you should check this out. Just one niche with one client is enough... [...]

Local Consultants: Whiteboard videos to sell your clients #ad

About a month ago, Matt Bush created a set of whiteboard videos that help local businesses sell their services (and another set to help you sell those videos to the local businesses.)That was Local Whiteboard Video Producer, volume 1. It was for four local niches: plumbers, handymen, locksmiths and dentists. And it’s still available.But now Bush has released Local Whiteboard Video Producer, volume 2. , addressing four new local niches: ■ Computer repair ■ Hair salon ■ Chiropractor ■ Skin CareYou can see a sample on the sales page. Besides the videos to sell, you get marketing... [...]

What local marketing consultants have needed #ad

Matt Bush has been a marketing consultant for local businesses for five years. He knows how to attract clients to his consulting firm.One way, perhaps the best way, to get their attention is to show them your capabilities in action so they can see what you can do for them before they buy.You need a way to demonstrate what you can do for a business. Making your own site a model for what you can do for their site is an obvious approach.One thing local businesses want is a website that goes beyond the ordinary. Haing classy videos on their site can give them the edge they need to win in their... [...]

The Ultimate Local Marketing Whiteboard Animation Package #ad

Marketing consultants to local businesses need something to help them stand out from the crowd. The number of consultants is growing continually, and if you just are a “me too” marketer, you won’t get very far.Now there is a set of whiteboard animations, created by Matt Bush, that you can use to promote your services.In the Ultimate Local Marketing Whiteboard Animation Package, you get 4 videos you can use to promote your marketing services to offline businesses, one each for:• Search Engine optimization• Reputation management• Mobile marketing• Creating a websiteIf... [...]

Whiteboard Videos for marketing consultants grab attention and keep it #ad

You’ve seen them, videos with a hand writing quickly on a whiteboard to create a pithy message. They are intriguing. It’s hard to stop watching them.Now, Kim (a.k.a. Ms Motivation) has created 12 of them aimed at local businesses, showing thiem the importance of a mobile-friendly website and implicitly urging them to hire you to build one for them.These Mobile Website Whiteboard Videos are an ideal prospecting tool for a consultant to local businesses.They drive prospects to your website, and included with the videos is an eye-catching squeeze page. And this bundle goes even farther... [...]