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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Test drive the Ultimate Closing Machine automated webinar system #ad

A couple of days ago, Christopher Griffin, Edward Hopkins and Brad Dixon announced Ultimate Closing Machine . It runs webinars automatically for you, and using the vast power of sales webinars, it closes sales for you. They want to show you how it works. Whatever you’re selling, from automobiles to xylophones, webinars will help you to sell more of them. This webinar management system makes recorded webinars work nearly as well as live ones, so you can do the webinar once and automatically repeat it over and over. • No longer will you be concerned about stage fright. Unless you want to... [...]

Profiting from your webinar success #ad

This is the last part of the 4-phase live webinars success formula. As a reminder: Phase 1 of a successful webinar is Preparation. In this phase you choose the best medium to use to present your information and the webinar software you’ll use to present it most effectively. Phase 2 is Promotion. Remember that the right registration process can mean better participation by the people most interested in the topic. Phase 3 was the actual Presentation. The key take-away is that viewer engagement increases when they are involved through polls and Q & A chats. Phase 4 of a successful webinar –... [...]

Webinar Organizer finally open for business #ad

Ben Gordon pre-announced  Webinar Organizer about 10 days ago, but it just opened for business Saturday. As mentioned before, this software replaces services like GoToWebinar and Webex, which has a hefty charge for a monthly subscription. It also replaces other software-based webinar services. For a small a one-time fee. you get software that runs webinars with an unlimited number of attendees at no charge, using Google Plus Hangouts. Google Hangouts On Air is a free service Google offers that includes unlimited webinar attendees with up to 10 people presenting on the call. You simply insert... [...]