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Sunday, September 27, 2020

[EARLY-BIRD] 10 DFY Local Business Landing Page Templates #ad

If you’re a consultant assisting local businesses with their online marketing, here is some content you can resell to your clients, Local Landing Page Pack vol.2.Local businesses need an online presence. They know print ads aren’t enough in our current society and are investing a lot in PPC advertising of their websites, but many are doing this without understanding the value of a customer contact link.As a result, most of the time the links they paid for just send people to a poorly-designed homepage, a service page or even an about us page.By doing this, they don’t collect any... [...]

SVG Galaxy whiteboard graphic bundle: quality+quantity=value #ad

Video creator, Vu Binh Minh, came to realize that his whiteboard videos needed two factors to actually convert well:1. The art had to be attractive2. The way in which the on-screen drawing occurs has to look natural and easy to watch. The pen needs to move in a smooth, connected way.He (and his early clients) learned that only when both of these problems are solved will conversions be satisfactory.The on-screen drawing depends on how the SVG graphics used in the video were first designed. The video just follows what the artist did originally.Vu decided that when he had artwork drawn for him,... [...]