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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

VoiceBrigade AI voice generation app: launch closing #ad

Today is the last day to grab VoiceBrigade for a one-time low fee to exploit its superior artificial, human-sounding voice capabilities to create realistic human-like narrations for videos, audios, e-books, etc. in 20 languages. With this new SaaS software, generate unlimited high-quality voiceovers for all your business needs, saving a lot of expense, frustration, and time for years to come. On the other hand, you could continue to hire individual voice actors to record each voiceover you need, paying a new, sizable fee each time. So, which one will you choose? VoiceBrigade uses AI-powered technology... [...]

VoiceBrigade: Remarkable “Human-Sounding” Voiceovers for Any Script #ad

VoiceBrigade’s AI text-to-speech technology helps your business achieve your marketing goals by reaching a global audience with human-like narrations for videos, audios, e-books, etc. in 20 languages. Watch this quick explainer video now to see it at work: VoiceBrigade. Text-To-Speech Apps have been available for over 20 years, but many have created their narrations using mechanical-sounding voices that make a video monotonous. For a while, the novelty effect was enough to get people to listen, but today robotic voices are a big turn-off. People expect a clear, professional, realistic narration... [...]

VoiceBrigade converts any text to natural-sounding voiceover #ad

VoiceBrigade is live at 11 AM EDT with early-bird discount. Text-to-Speech doesn’t have to sound robotic. This new ground-breaking app uses AI technology to voice-over your scripts in professional voices and many languages within minutes. • Transform Any Text into Stunning Speech • Choose from 40+ Human-like Voices • Both Male and Female Voices included • Works in 20 Languages • Adjust the Tone, Rate, Pitch, and Volume of the Voice for Custom Requirements • Alter Speech Speed • Works with All Video Creation and Editing Software: Adobe Premier, Imovie, Camtasia, etc. • Frequent... [...]

Is it real or is it VoiceBrigade? #ad

VoiceBrigade is a new AI text-to-speech app, just released. It converts any text into a natural-sounding voice-over for your marketing videos in a few clicks, offering pro-quality voiceovers in 40+ languages using 300+ human-like voices. Use it for training videos, demo videos, affiliate reviews, explainers, and other videos, for yourself or for clients. VoiceBrigade is currently available with an early Bird discount. This new groundbreaking app uses AI technology to voice over your scripts in whatever voice (any one of the 300 available) and whatever language you choose. This new application: •... [...]