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Monday, July 15, 2024

Reverse Engineer YouTube’s ranking system #ad

Targeted marketing makes all the difference in success. But it’s often hard to find the right target market. But when you combine precision targeting with the power of video, this one-two punch brings in a lot more responses. That’s nice in theory, you may say, but how can I do it in practice? Well, new software, called Video Marketing Blaster Pro, can take the work out of the targeting process for your YouTube videos so that: 1. They get more views. 2. They are seen by people who are more receptive and, 3. They bring in more response, more sales and opt-ins. Video Marketing Blaster... [...]

Rank your sales videos for more views and more sales #ad

No matter how good your YouTube video is, if it doesn’t get views, it won’t sell anything for you. With millions and millions of videos on YouTube, you have to stand out from your competition to be noticed. There is new software from Vlad and Stoica that is getting a lot of interest because it is a complete YouTube marketing toolbox in one package, called Video Marketing Blaster Pro. The creators say, “Video Marketing Blaster Pro is the only Video Marketing Software that is able to Reverse Engineer the YouTube rankings system!” • This all-in-one software analyzes your... [...]

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