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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Google AdWords has released a new API called AdWords Scripts

AdWords Scripts are a lightweight JavaScript style interface for performing routine activities against an account, such as adwords scripting for updating and reporting on your AdWords accounts, making it possible for advertisers to develop custom tools and integrations quickly. AdWords scripts can’t do all the heavy lifting of the AdWords API and isn’t suited as the basis for a custom platform, but it can be useful for basic automation. AdWords scripts include built-in support for Google Spreadsheets and HTTP services, allowing you to pull in important data and take action in your account.... [...]

Google has now changed back to a similar look for the Google bar!

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Google has now changed back to a similar look for the Google bar from back in November. Google said: “Based on your feedback, we realized there were some elements of the new bar that we could improve, and with that in mind, we're introducing an updated version that we believe will provide a better experience. The new design retains many of the feature changes we made in November that proved popular, including a unified search box and Google+ sharing and notifications across Google. The biggest change is that we've replaced the drop-down Google menu with a consistent and expanded... [...]