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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Media Profit Revolution: how to buy profitable ad placements #ad

Timothy Miranda and Marcus Christian have been studying the process of buying ads in various media to find ways to build their affiliate and CPA businesses. They have found that paying for ads can be productive and can result in a significant increase in their commissions. They have shared their tested and refined process in Media Profit Revolution. There’s something “hit or miss” in using SEO. You may get good results; you may get none. That’s not true with paid traffic. This new training shows you how to buy media around the web to get the kind of traffic your website... [...]

How YouTube And Bing can build your CPA business #ad

Timothy Miranda has been earning CPA affiliate commissions for years. In the last few years, he has been showing other marketers how he does it. Along with two partners, he has just released new training they call CPA Income Explosion. This is a complete guide to the strategy they have been using for regular monthly profits. You will be happy to know that you don’t need any budget, and, regardless of your background, you can start right away. All it takes is 30 minutes per day. Miranda reports that you can start seeing results within 24 hours if you take the 30 minutes needed to set it... [...]

Ultimate CPA Ninja: Simple, Fast, Effective, Consistent #ad

CPA (Cost per Acquisition) is both easy and hard; easy because you don’t have to sell anything (they are just signing up for free information) so there’s less resistance by the prospective buyer; but hard because you need to find receptive people, interested in the free offer you are promoting. We just learned about the release of Ultimate CPA Ninja, new training in CPA by Timothy Miranda and his partners, addressing the problem of finding people interested enough to sign up for the free offer, and then presenting that offer to them persuasively. This approach to CPA marketing has 3... [...]

CPA Affiliate Mastermind: Where CPA Marketers Congregate #ad

Damon Korte is teaming with Timothy Miranda to launch a new mastermind for CPA marketers. CPA Affiliate Mastermind. Korte and Miranda have worked for months to get this course perfect for you. Their training shows you exactly how they generate $27K+ per month while building hyper targeted lists of 50K+ in multiple niches. On top of that, you get 1 on 1 Skype access to Damon so he can help you with whatever you need to profitable. You will also get access to all of their own tools and resources that they use in their every day business that they have paid thousands for to be made. The best part... [...]

Hybrid CPA Profits: Marketing outside the mainstream #ad

Yesterday Timothy Miranda and Damon Korte, creators of many CPA training products, announced Hybrid CPA Profits, training that blurs the traditional boundaries of CPA marketing. In the first day (less than a day, actually, since it wasn’t released until 11 AM), it sold over 500 copies. In this new product, Miranda and Korte share how they use cutting edge CPA hybrid ad networks to set up profitable campaigns in many niches. The traffic sources they use automatically optimize your campaigns to maximize your profits. All you have to do is set up your campaigns and flip on your virtual “autopilot... [...]

Hybrid CPA Profits: New CPA success from new traffic site #ad

Today Timothy Miranda, creator of many CPA training products, is releasing Hybrid CPA Profits, training that blurs the traditional boundaries of CPA marketing. The internet is a constantly growing and changing marketplace. As a result, the industry is constantly creating tools and training to give marketers an extra edge in making money. Some are good; others are not worth your time or money. Even the best of these products rarely include actual the traffic sources that were used to earn the authors a good living. Timothy Miranda and Damon Korte, his partner, are not following the crowd. They are... [...]