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Saturday, January 28, 2023

How To Launch Simple Mini Courses In Minutes #ad

Chad Nicely, Steve Rosenbaum, and Chris Jenkins are launching their next three-day workshop, this one is The 7 Minute Course Creators™ Workshop. Online education is a growing business. You can get started and build a portfolio of courses. This workshop will get you on the right track, so you don’t make a lot of rookie mistakes. They explain it all here: The 7 Minute Course Creators™ Workshop  [...]

How to use Facebook Groups for online marketing #ad

As we mentioned yesterday, Chad Nicely, Steve Rosenbaum, and Chris Jenkins are conducting a 3-day webinar series beginning February 16, called How to earn big money from small audiences, to share an effective process for using Facebook Groups for marketing. During this training series, you will discover: ► How to create your group using the Facebook user interface; they share graphics and templates for you to use. ► How to grow the membership in your group (which is also the membership in your mailing list) ► The formula Nicely and his partners use to engage their audience and... [...]

Formula for big money from small Facebook audience (dimesale) #ad

The formula for big money from small audiences would be valuable information, worth a lot to any marketer. However, for a short time, it is available for about the cost of a hamburger, drink, and fries. A 3-Day Workshop with Chad Nicely is scheduled beginning on Feb 16, which will explain a marketing process, using the power of Facebook, that has the potential to create a good long-term online business for you. Especially if you are new online and can use a “paint by numbers” system to make it easier to build your online marketing business, this webinar series, How to earn big money... [...]

People like to buy from experts. You can be one #ad

The best profits are made by the acknowledged experts. They are the ones a person seeks out when there is a problem to solve or a need to fill. If you can become the perceived expert in your niche, and if it is a niche where people are actively investing in fulfilling their needs and desires, then you have a clear shot at financial success. Steve Rosenbaum is an award winning coach, mentor and product creator who has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide run a successful business of their own. Rosenbaum’s training is highly favored for providing an abundance of practical information... [...]