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Friday, September 24, 2021

Instant Legal Pages: 9 required web pages to avoid legal trouble #ad

These days there are people (and some entire companies) surfing the web seeking money by “legally” stealing it from websites that don’t have proper legal documents published. They could claim you stole content from them. They could claim you are preying on children, etc. There are dozens of scams they can use, each of them potentially ruinous for you and your site. Not only that. Tthe government could also come after you for violating Federal Trade Commission regulations. Your bank account at risk. But even more, your entire company is at risk. If a hacker misuses your site to create... [...]

WordPress plugin for search engine and FTC compliance #ad

Doug Yuschalk, the creator, calls it “The Most Important, Vital, and Valuable Plugin Every WordPress Site”. Perhaps we must forgive a little parental pride, but he does have a point. This plugin creates the critical information every site needs, because the search engines are looking for it, and the Federal Trade Commission also expects every site to have it. The official name for the plugin is YMYL, which stands for Your Money or Your Life. The idea is that web pages affecting people’s money or their life (such as health information) are held to a high standard of consumer... [...]