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Friday, July 10, 2020

Social Sharing Monitoring: what are they saying about you? #ad

If knowledge is power, social knowledge is social power. That’s why Mark Thompson and Eric Nelson invented WP SignalTracker.Google and other search engines have realized that people love to share content via social media and that measuring engagement, social sharing and social signal diversity is a better indication of what is quality content and worth of high organic rankings.You need to keep a closer eye on Social Analytics for both your site(s) and your competitors. WP SignalTracker is a WordPress plugin that makes it simple.Now, you can measure the impact of Social Sharing on you... [...]

PingFresh plugin builds blog traffic #ad

Sean Donahoe just released PingFresh plugin, a WordPress plugin that continually refreshes your WordPress website.If your blog gets stale , your traffic will dry up because it will drop in the search engine rankings.But you can preserve your rankings (and your earnings) with this new traffic-building plugin working in the background automatically.PingFresh plugin revitalizes your old content, making it appear fresh and new to attract new eyes and, ultimately, new revenue.Your old posts are useless when they’re buried under heaps of new posts. PingFresh plugin makes those old posts visible... [...]