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Friday, September 25, 2020

State of SEO and SEM in 2019

The Econsultancy team recently conducted a roundtable discussion to find out what marketers think of SEO and SEM in 2019. Jeff Rajeck has shared the facts revealed during the roundtable. Highlighting how marketers expressed their concerns over the SEO and SEM, Rajeck says, “Across the board, attendees said that the two are closely linked.  SEM helps SEO by raising site ranking on search engines by increasing site visits and backlinks. Then, once traffic has hit a certain level, marketers have found that SEO can help brands reduce their spending on SEM.One of the goals of SEO, it seems,... [...]

“SERP Supremacy”: moving up in the SERPs #ad

It’s been said a hundred times: give the search engines what they want and they’ll reward you with good placement in the SERPs (“Search Engine Results Pages”). SERP Supremacy shows you how.To get good search engine placement, you need to start at thebeginning and work through the process step-by-step; there’s no magic pill, but there are effective instructions. Josh P has released SERP Supremacy to walk you through the whole process:• Finding a market you can dominate• Building an effective website• Choosing plugins to optimize your site• How... [...]

“Occupy Google” forces your site to Page 1 of Google #ad

Today’s Google has been changed radically from the Google of a year ago. It takes more work and different work to be on top of the ratings. You need to “occupy Google”- move in to stay.Occupy Google is a 12-week training program that shows you the 12-step process for getting your site ranked on page 1. The 12 steps in this process have been proven to work over and over again with sites in a variety of niches.In Occupy Google, you get the 12-step checklist, plus weeking training that shows you how to implement each step and how to access these steps. Plus you get videos and handouts,... [...]