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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Max Tracks: Music for Marketers; websites, videos and more #ad

Now you can get 79 new music tracks for just pennies ech in the new Max Tracks bundle.Don’t take the risk of using unlicensed music in your marketing. You can be fined and sued. It won’t be pretty.Instead, use these fully-licensed music tracks for all your marketing needs. They come in a wide variety of styles from classical to electronic to jazz to country. Hear samples on the sales pageYou can use them over and over again in all your projects, such as:• Product Creation• Video games• Powerpoint Presentations• Commercials• WebsitesThe list is endless, let your imagination... [...]

First Class Music Tracks for Marketers; hold your visitor interest #ad

Many podcasts, product displays, ads and even editorial content on the web would be enhanced by cool music. Music Tracks for Marketers, by Phil Wilkinson, contains 101 original audio tracks you can use in your marketing. These music tracks average about 1:40 in length. The shortest is 43 seconds. The longest is nearly 5 minutes. Styles vary, from reggae to rock to easy listening to jazz and more. Both upbeat tempos (musicians I know say “tempi”) and meditative, thoughtful melodies. You can find something in Music Tracks for Marketers for almost any use you have in mind.There is such... [...]