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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Offline Mobile Toolbox: Graphics, Video, infographics, flyers, emails, more #ad

Producing professional-looking materials for offline businesses (and for your offline consultancy) is sometimes a challenge. Finding good visual elements, suitable for offline niches can be tough and time-consuming.Sharon Odom has just released her Offline Mobile Toolbox, with:■ 150 royalty-free images for offline niches (choose the ones you want from 700 available)■ A whiteboard video to use on your own site to gather leads from restaurants■ An infographic about consumer searching for local businesses on mobile phones■ Autoresponder series on the importance of mobile optimization... [...]

IM Graphics Library: 55,000 images for all your marketing needs #ad

A good first impression is a vital key to success, and using premium-quality graphics on your site or blog does a lot toward toward making that good first impression a good one.You don’t want to build your own unless creating graphics is your business. Amateurs make, well, amateurish graphics.You could buy a simple set of graphics someone else has made or use free graphics you find online. But you need to rise above the crowd, not blend in with it. The problem is that, on the one hand, hiring someone to make custom graphics can be an expensive; and, on the other, everyone has seen the same... [...]

Truly Free (and legal) SEO Pictures for you Site #ad

Dr. Veit Schenk has released a product that benefits all online marketers, Truly Free SEO Pix.This is a plugin that links to several sources of free pictures that you can use on your website, in brochures and e-books and in presentations. Schenk and his partner have carefully researched graphics repositories on the web. They have studied the licenses of each and have found those that allow free copying, even for commercial work.This is important because if you use a graphic without a license, there is a potential for lawsuits and fines. You don’t want to go there.On the sales page, many... [...]