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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Revyoo Elite: Create product review videos for affiliate sales #ad

Some people go to YouTube to be entertained, but others go to be informed. Among those looking for information are people who plan to buy something to solve a problem. They come to YouTube to learn about the products they are considering. They want to see reviews (and especially, review videos) that will show the advantages or particular products they are considering.That’s an opportunity the online marketers don’t want to miss because it can become an easy sale. Give them the information they are seeking, give them a button that says, “Click here to buy”, and if your... [...]

Revyoo: Help people decide which smartphone to buy (New) #ad

There’s an opportunity for you to become an affiliate for large companies selling physical products, such as mobile phones. If you are successful at it, there’s good money to be made.Here’s how it works:Say a Mom wants to buy a new smartphone for her daughter’s 16th birthday.1. She wants to do her due diligence, so she searches for a video comparing the most popular smartphones.2. She finds your video that compares the different brands of smartphones in a professional, succinct, informative and is easy to watch.3. Based on what she learns from you, she makes a decision,... [...]