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Friday, December 2, 2022

Real Specific automation software launch ends tonight #ad

Just a quick reminder to let you know that the Real Specific launch is closing down. They’re offering “one time” pricing until Midnight EDT tonight, and then it’s going away. If you do any blogging or any social media marketing, this new tool can make your work a lot easier. The creators of this new software describe it this way: If HootSuite and BuzzSumo had a baby, then implanted cybernetics in it, and fed it steroids in the bottle, then you’d have Real Specific. This is one tool you need to look into for your marketers toolbox. In a nutshell, use Real Specific to: •... [...]

Get all the leads you need from Facebook and Google (on autopilot) #ad

As you know, you need traffic; your business can’t live without it. But, traffic is the result of something else. Content is the real lifeblood of any blog. Content is what pulls in traffic, keeps visitors interested and turns them into regulars, and ultimately gets you sales. Your process for building content is something like this, I suspect: 1. Finding good topics in your niche, 2. Doing research on those topics, 3. Writing intriguing posts based on what you find, and 4. Promoting your posts on social media. The process works, but as it is usually done, it can take quite a while to get... [...]