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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

How to Create a WSO & Write the Sales Letter in 2 Hours or Less #ad

The title says it all. Sean Mize is the author of dozens of sales training products, most of them released as (successful) WSOs. He has this process in his mind, almost as second nature. He has done it over and over again, and now he wants to show you How to Create a WSO and Write the Sales Letter in 2 Hours or Less. In this training, he shows you: • How to write a WSO sales letter, • How to create the product, and • How to upload and route the product in Warrior Plus and your autoresponder. He doesn’t leave anything to chance. He shows you every step in his (repeatable)... [...]

The Money Tree Method: product creation for enduring profits #ad

Russ Ruffino built a $250,000 business his first year online that grew to nearly $1 Million his second year. In The Money Tree Method, he shows you how he did it, and he says anyone else can do it, too. His process was to create products, in 12 hours or less, and then quickly get them on the market. With this quick process, he was able to scale up his business quickly. He recommends that you spend your time on product creation since it offers you four key benefits: 1. You don’t have to do all the sales work yourself. Affiliates have driven 99% of his traffic. This means that he doesn’t... [...]