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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Send messages to desktops, not inboxes, for better results #ad

Your inbox, our inbox, and, for that matter, everybody’s inbox are getting flooded with mail. You can’t keep up. So email marketing isn’t as effective as it once was. People just don’t notice your mail when it comes in. Marketers used to send out broadcast messages to their whole mailing list and expect to get a reasonable response. But, too often, that no longer works. You need something that causes people to notice your message and actually read it. Message broadcasting to people’s desktops is the future of direct marketing. Andrew Darius has created software that... [...]

Push Response in pre-release; the “no email” message tool #ad

Unfortunately for marketers, email is a “tool with leaks”. A lot of people you send email to never see your mail: • They have changed email address without telling you • Your email goes into their spam folder. • They get so much email that yours isn’t noticed. • etc. There ought to be a way around these problems. Fortunately, now there is. Andrew Darius has a new software tool, Push Response that allows people to sign up for (and allows you to build) a list of people who visited your website Then it allows you to broadcast promotions to them without email. With... [...]