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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

World-class Communication with Website Visitors #ad

Your website is porous. When people visit, they browse for a while. Sfter they have seen everything they leave. Some sites may display an “exit pop up” some incentive to stay, to sign up for a list, etc. This pop-up approach has become obsolete since most people use pop-up blockers that stops them from even seeing your pop-up. As a result, only about 5-10% of people even your pop-ups today. In response to this problem, marketers have turned to a different technology, “push notifications.” if you’ve ever been to a major site, like YouTube, CNN, or eBay, you’ve probably been... [...]

Next Generation of Push Notification Technology #ad

Jimmy Kim‘s latest software release is Push Connect Notify. This new software lets you “push” messages to your subscribers with whatever promotion or news you want to share. Push Connect Notify is simple powerful software that lets you to subscribers opt in for receiving these push messages, messages that go to their browser instead of their email inbox. And it is easy to set up; just paste one line of code on your website to place the opportunity to receive messages before them. Push Connect Notify is integrated with your favorite autoresponders: Sendlane, Getresponse, Aweber,... [...]