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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Easiest Sales Funnel Ever #ad

Marketers know that for best sales, you don’t offer a single product. Instead, you build a “Sales funnel”. You invite people’s interest by offering a free product of value to your selected target audience in return for their willingness to learn about your other products that you have for sale. You don’t make any money on the original product; you may even lose money. But you are counting on a portion of those who get the free product being interested enough in your niche that they will buy your “upsell” product. The initial funnel is ideally supplemented... [...]

Ready Launch Profit – Sales Funnel: whole funnel ready to go #ad

Rohit Thakur has built a profitable sales funnel on the topic of list-building and is offering it to you for a low price, far less than if you built it yourself. This funnel, the Ready Launch Profit – Sales Funnel, which sells a series of videos on List-building, includes: 1. A blog, where you write about list-building to attract new clients and build your reputation 2. A Sales Page, created to attract first-time list-builders to your training (and to collect the money of buyers. Upload it and insert your affiliate information. 3. A Squeeze page to capture buyers’ contact information 4.... [...]

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