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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Strategies to Win More Leads and Prospects with PPC Marketing

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a great way for your website or company to generate more leads and create new prospects. What you need is a right set of techniques for getting most from your PPC marketing efforts. PPC Hero contributor Lidia Hovhan has shared an article on how you an use PPC marketing to capture more leads and prospects. Hovhan says, “Though you’ve earned a significant number of leads, have excellent conversion rates, and a reasonable cost per lead, you found one problem. Most of the leads you get are “junk leads.” While you did gain lots of leads, only a few of them... [...]

CPA Cash Tycoon: Use 7search for CPA profits #ad

Dan DaSilva has been testing for traffic. It’s a second-tier PPC provider that is run by a Warrior Forum member (and gives a discount on the first purchase by other warriors). In CPA Cash Tycoon, he shows how to use 7search to bring in CPA income. He shows the coupon code for the discount at 7search and then shows, step-by-step, how to set up a successful campaign in 7search. He describes this process as a set-and-forget system. In a video in CPA Cash Tycoon, he sets up a campaign in less than an hour (including all the time he takes explaining what he is doing). (The niche... [...]

“PPC Millions”- An inside look at Adwords and other PPC systems #ad

The author has earned over $1 Million in profits using PPC, primarily Adwords. His new PPC Millions details the process (including subtle nuances) of running a PPC campaign to make it profitable. Some of his earnings were on campaigns that have run virtually on auto-pilot for 5 years. This guide is for those serious about making money online. Not necessarily beginners; some of the details of the Adwords system may take a while to digest. But a lot of Adwords is usable by beginners and you can start earning now, and master additional techniques as you go along. PPC Millions/u> discusses what type... [...]