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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

“Safe Links” keep your emails flowing

Don’t get banned by your email autoresponder company, and don’t get placed into your clients’ spam folder. Both are bad for business (that’s an understatement.) We first learned about how aggressive email processors are in keeping emails from inboxes when we received a note today from Phil Benham, the Managing Partner of NetDyno LLC. Benham was banned by his own autoresponder company for using a JVZoo affiliate link in his emails. They allow affiliate links, generally; it’s just that JVZoo was blacklisted in their system. When you are told you can’t promote offers... [...]

Fresh Bundle Master grows Amazon affiliate commissions #ad

Carey Baird and Radu Hahaianu have a new piece of software that Amazon affiliates will find quite helpful. They call it Fresh Bundle Master. This clever software enhances your Amazon affiliate store by building bundles or related products and offering the bundle as a unit. That way, you can earn a commission on three or four products, instead of just one. Amazon always has related products to offer. The software searches through Amazon’s recommendations and proposes a bundle for you to promote. You select from its suggestions, and it forms the bundle for your sales page, displays it whenever... [...]

Keyword Advantage is #1 on JVZoo for a reason #ad

It gets results. In fact, there are over 32,000 marketers who are using Keyword Advantage to: – Find Profitable Keywords – Lucrative Niches – Discover Opportunities for Page 1 Rankings – Identify Commission-Sucking Products – Local Keywords Worth Targeting Here’s an example of what it can do for a struggling marketer. Despite being legally blind, Joan Lewis still managed to to get all the traffic she needed to make a living online. In fact, Google ranked her site on page 1. Joan’s secret (not to mention the other 32,000 users) is Keyword Advantage. Now... [...]