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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Marketing Deals for Cyber Monday #ad

News reports say that online buying is taking over Black Friday. In-store buying dropped dramatically, while online buying surged ahead. That’s good news for internet marketers, especially for affiliate marketers promoting physical items. However, sometimes online sellers need tools to assist them in building their online traffic and conversions into sales. Cyber Monday provides a convenient time to explore the tools that are available. And many tool builders use this opportunity to build their customer base by offering special deals on Cyber Monday. Here are the deals for online marketers... [...]

Gig Gladiator: The marketer’s research and delivery tool #ad

Warrior Faraaz, along with his partner Wajahath, has released a WSO he calls Gig Gladiator, and it’s a tool serious marketers can use to save lots of time and get better results. There are two major functions of the tool: 1. Finding Google Alerts for finding blogs, videos, news and discussions or anything else in Google’s alert systemrelated to your keyword    With the Google alerts you can quickly find discussions, blogs, videos and much more, related to your keyword. These locations are places you can go to build a backlink for your site by joining their discussions... [...]