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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Posts Tagged With ‘ marketing graphics ’

Giant Marketing Kit: software, templates, graphics & more #ad

Maulana Malik has built a a href=””>Giant Marketing Kit, full of tools every online marketer needs, 34 packages of tools, all for one low price. The star of the product might be his new Crysta WordPress theme, crisp and professional, mobile-ready and responsive. But that’s just the beginning. You are also getting: • 9 HTML […]

Avoid copyright infringements; get Eric Holmlund’s Graphics Firesale #ad

We all like to have graphics on our sites because it makes a site more interesting to our visitors. However, we need to be careful where we get the graphics we use. We can be charged with copyright violations if we use a graphic without the creator’s permission. Eric Holmlund knows that danger, so he […]

Photoshop Marketing Graphic Design Pack builds strong sales pages #ad

Chad Nicely and Chris Jenkins just announced their Photoshop Marketing Graphic Design Pack. With the professional graphics in this package, you will be able to create sales pages, OTO pages and more. These are the graphics actually used by Nicely and Jenkins in their own marketing. Included in your collection are: • Bold and attention-getting […]

Copy Dazzle V2 Graphics Pack: Always have the graphic you need #ad

Mark Lyford has an eye for graphics. He knows what looks good and can really dress up a site or a product. He has applied his expertise to building sales graphics for online marketers. In his latest offering, Copy Dazzle, Version 2, Lyford has assembled 8000 graphics of all kinds to make it possible for […]

Looney Vectors (Medical Edition) Goes Live Today #ad

Bill Holton just announced a new collection of vector drawings for the medical niche. 180 drawings of doctors and nurses in various poses. You get male and female, young and middle aged. Plus 72 more in street clothes. Plus background drawings you can merge with them. And more. They can dress up your PowerPoint presentations, […]

Over 275 Custom Graphics for Your Website; no Photoshop needed #ad

AJ Montoya is a graphics designer. He didn’t want to use the same old graphics everyone else is using, so he learned Photoshop and started making his own. He has just released his Massive Graphics Pack for Marketers, so our work can get a lot easier. It has over 275 graphics we can use. These […]

Professional Marketing Graphics to last a lifetime #ad

Mike Murphy has set up a membership site, where you can solve all your graphics needs for one small lifetime fee. In fact, you can get a trial membership for free so you can see what you are getting. He calls it Graphics Pro-Lifetime Membership, and it is filled with graphic goodness for all your […]

Premium Web Graphic Elements: two days for a great deal #ad

Oliver Bowen loves graphics. And he wants to share his love with other marketers. Through Noon Friday, EDT, he is running a sale on three collections of Premium Web Graphic Elements. In his collection, he has included 225 professionally drawn graphics for all your website needs. Banners, buttons, badges, and more. Your site will look […]

Ultimate Swipe File: over 2000 sales page elements you can swipe anad use #ad

You have seen the professional sales pages, with their big, fancy fonts and striking colors. Now, Simon Hodgkinson has made it easy for you to use these same powerful graphics to promote your own offer. Using Hodgkinson’s Ultimate Swipe File: • You can make headlines that demand the reader’s attention. • You can make a […]