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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Sell more of your apps through instant exposure #ad

Even if you don’t already publish Android apps, you have probably heard they can be quite lucrative and may be thinking of trying your hand to get in on the many sales occurring daily How lucrative your apps are depends, of course, on how many people buy. And that depends on how many people are exposed to your promotions.Now, AppExposure Pro helps you build the buzz for your app and drive more traffic to the app store to buy it.It does this by loading your app description to dozens of:• App review sites, • App directories and• App search enginesAnd it does it all automatically,... [...]

Android App Invasion: Making money from Android apps #ad

Android phones have made great headway on iPhones. Along with more phones comes a growing market for Android apps. So many are being sold that three major markets have arisen for them: Amazon, Google Play and AppBrain. Android App Invasion has over 40 training modules to show you how to become a successful seller of Android apps to promote your clients’ businesses.Android App Invasion comes with 20 easy-to-customize, local business apps to start your on the right foot. Using these to build credibility, you can offer your app building services to other businesses.In this new, step-by-step,... [...]