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Friday, June 18, 2021

How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Grow a Profitable Business [Video]

Long-tail keywords are the keywords that are more specific, they are longer than commonly searched for keywords. With long-tail keywords, you can achieve a higher conversion value. Tim Stodz has published a new video ‘How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Grow a Profitable Business’ to help you rightly use long-tail keywords for growing a profitable business. Stodz says, “In this video, I explain what a long tail keyword is. I also go through some examples of what a broad phrase keyword is and I compare it to a long tail keyword so you can see the different examples. At the end, I... [...]

Keyword Mole: Simple Blueprint for Longtail Keyword Research #ad

If you want to use free tools to find long-tail keywords that are easy to rank for, Sean Colman’s Keyword Mole may be just the training you need. Colman guides you through the research process: • Finding a profitable website in your niche with SEO you can learn from • Checking the keywords they are ranking for • Uncovering their backlinks • Finding longtail keywords you can target And with the directions in Keyword Mole, you can do all this at no cost. Besides finding these high-value long-tail keywords, when you follow this process, you will discover keywords that you... [...]

“Free Traffic Heaven”- How Paul Counts generates 100,000 free visitors to his sites monthly #ad

You may know Paul Counts . He is one of the three men in the “Good Guys” partnership. This time he has partnered with Jason Parker to create Free Traffic Heaven. In it he shows you how he generates these 100,000 free visitors every month, without risking a penny, by working only 1 hour per day. In Free Traffic Heaven, you’ll discover: + What traffic methods are working now (and the ones that aren’t) + Each step Paul takes to generate these visits. + How to avoid search engine disfavor. Follow these rules and you should be OK. + How to use long-tail keywords as... [...]