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Monday, July 4, 2022

LocalCentric: Sell a service that every business needs #ad

There are still businesses without websites, so there is still a market for site building. But LocalCentric helps you win in a much bigger market for making those sites productive. A lot of businesses have all the start-up online services they need (site building, Facebook setup, etc.), but they will always need reputation management and brand management services. According to the creators, LocalCentric is the most advanced AI-Powered app that monitors and responds to reviews for local businesses, and does it Hands-Free. Everyone online needs to improve their online reputation. Their business lives... [...]

LocalCentric: Start A Successful Brand Management Agency #ad

LocalCentric is a new AI-powered app for local marketing agencies that lets you offer a service that monitors business reviews for your clients and responds hands-free, saving them time and making sure the negative reviews don’t go unnoticed. The end result is that their online reputation improves, and that gives them more leads, more sales, and more profits. This is a business you can get into even if you have never had an online business before. The software is the heart of your business and automates most of it. ➤ Find laser-targeted leads looking for brand services and online reputation... [...]