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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Monetizing Push Notifications with CPA Commissions #ad

The latest version of Mobile Profitrace has just been released.This training shows you how to take advantage of push notifications to promote CPA offers. The author of this training, Liming Wu, has found that these two technologies work together well to add an income stream to your business.The important point about push notifications is that everyone who receives them has opted in, saying that they want to receive them. Once you have that opt-in, you can keep in direct contact with these users. Since they have already shown interest in your communications, they are about the best prospects... [...]

Registration for Your Push Notification CPA campaigns #ad

Push Notification has become a popular source of website traffic in the last 24 months. It has advantages since these notification boxes pop to the front of the subscriber’s screen, where they are likely to be noticed and acted upon.But there are also disadvantages that need to be dealt with. Liming Wu, a long-time online marketer has been experimenting with making push notifications work, Not just in general, but in particular, for CPA (Cost per Action) marketing, where they have seldom been tried.He says that he has found that using push notifications to market CPA offers, he has earned... [...]

Arbitrage CPA Machines: New way to CPA profits #ad

To be a success in CPA marketing you need two things:1. A source for responsive traffic2. A compelling offerLiming Wu has been studying traffic sources. He reports that Facebook, with its billions of members, is the kind of traffic source we have all dreamed of, but it comes with some warnings and pitfalls.It’s easy to get Facebook wrong, and when you do, the result is wasted money and low sales,Based on his research, Liming and his business partner, Flemin Goh, have developed a system for earning well by promoting CPA products on Facebook, They call it Arbitrage CPA Machines..They... [...]