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Friday, June 5, 2020

10 Romance Plots for your western novels #ad

If you’ve got a hankering to write in the western genre (we used to call it “cowboy fiction”), this may get you started on the road to stardom. Charity Cason is a best selling Kindle author as well as a ghostwriter and trainer. She has published several WSOs offering you the chance to use plots she has created to write your own book. She has published several packages of plots before, and they have all been well-received. Search IM NewsWatch for “Cason” and you will find 4 earlier plot packages. Now she has released  10 Romance Plots set in the American West, cowboy... [...]

Fresh plots available for romance authors #ad

Sometimes you need a little push to get past writer’s block. Getting your book on the virtual bookstand (such as the Kindle publishing site) as quickly as possible means you start earning royalties sooner. If getting started is your problem, Amber Jalink has an answer for you: Kindle Plot Ideas, Vol. 5. She doesn’t write your book for you, but she does give you a head start, including: •The couple’s careers •The steps from start to finish in most cases (some more expanded than others) •The concept (whether it is Romance, Action/Romance, Office Romance, Intrigue, Corporate espionage,... [...]