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Thursday, September 24, 2020

How SEOPressor discovered their ranking keywords #ad

The SEOPressor team (Daniel Tan and his assistants) did a case study and discovered that they were ranking for the term “LSI Keywords”. When they first ran the RankReveal report for their site, they were surprised that this keyword showed up among the top 100 keywords their site ranked for.With this new insight, they decided to build a keyword course on the topic of “LSI Keywords”. They built some internal links in their site and then published a press release for the course.As a result of their campaign, they are consistently ranking in the top 5 of Google for “LSI... [...]

Free Amazon Spy Software (full version) + 2 PDFs #ad

Ryan Deiss and Ezra Firestone are giving away software they created called Crystl. It is an Adobe Air program so it runs on Apple as well as PC.It helps you understand the search habits of over 200,000,000 product buyers.  That way you know what keywords to target in your advertising and websites.That’s exactly what this software does and today it’s yours at no charge. Just click here to watch the demo> and claim your copy: Free Crystl Download.This is the World’s first Amazon intelligence software, and it’s not for sale anywhere by anybody. This may become your... [...]

Keyword Kungfu: A different way to research keywords #ad

GoogleKeyword Tool is the best known keyword research tool, but thereare others that also get a lot of usage. The problem is that if youuse the same tool everyone else uses, you will get the same resultseveryone else in your niche gets.If you could do research differently, you might find keywords totarget with your SEO or PPC that don’t have much competition, and youmight rank higher for those keywords.That’s what Keyword Kungfu software is for. In seconds, it will give youvaluable keyword information that bypasses the usual techniques, sothey keywords it gives you are not... [...]