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Sunday, September 20, 2020

VideoX launches at 11 AM; YouTube marketing upended #ad

Over the last few days we have told you about the training videos (case studies of successful YouTube ads).These case studies were produced by Neil Napier and Justin Sardi.Yesterday afternoon, they released their third case study here: Video Introduction to YouTube Advertising.This one is about eCommerce, to show you how they revived a dead eCommerce store, using a $10 buy of YouTube ads.Napier and Sardi have received some very favorable feedback about these video case studies. Some people have shifted their focus from Facebook and other ad platforms to work with YouTube ads.Today, 11th December,... [...]

Traffic and lead Generation are the heart of online sales #ad

Neil Napier and Justin Sardi have released their second training video on using YouTube ads to build your traffic and conversions for your online business. This new video shows you a step-by-step method to increase your traffic to your site by using re-targeting. With YouTube retargeting ads, they have found that they now can spend 1/4th of what they formerly spent on Facebook ads and still get the same results.If you aren’t familiar with YouTube ads, that’s not surprising. Many people don’t know about it. And because of that:• YouTube is still an untapped traffic platform,... [...]

Proven System for Creating Profit-Pulling Videos #ad

Justin Sardi and Neil McPherson have spent the last couple of years developing their video marketing skills.To start, they had some tutoring from a successful video marketer, but after a while they began to experiment on their own. They got some positive results with one product, so they tried this video system on other products, too.They found their process works for just about any product in just about any niche. Knowing they were onto something, they decided to document their process and share it with other marketers. Thus was born Stealth Video Sales.In this new training, they use “over... [...]