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Sunday, January 17, 2021

AdExpress: Make online ads with great visuals #ad

Just launching today, AdExpress is a web-based app, by Jay Venka and Abhi Dwivedi, that will let you design world-class, high-converting graphics for ads on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Mobile Apps and a lot more. This software includes customizable templates (50+) that you can use to create your own ads that look professional, attractive and inviting. Besides the templates, AdExpress includes hundreds of buttons, icons, badges, backgrounds and more (how about 20 typestyles?) that you can include in your ads. Do you: • Run Facebook ads? • Own a Shopify store? • Do eCommerce, in... [...]

Qilio 2.0: new tool for free Facebook marketing #ad

Many people are not maximizing their return on their investment in ads on Facebook. Facebook will do about 95% of the work for you (if you handle it right), and they don’t charge you for it. There’s a new advertising platform that takes advantage of this Facebook facility to place ads on your fan page, in a (Faceebook-approved) way that avoids the Facebook fees. So now you can get more fans, more opt-ins, and more buyers while paying a lot less. The new platform is Qilio 2.0. The creators, Jay Venka and Vas Blagodarskiy, and their private clients have been using the 1.0 version since... [...]

WpAdStopper plugin for ads that can’t be ignored #ad

Jay Venka originally created the WpAdStopper plugin. He conveyed resale rights to Ken Reno, who now is selling the plugin to other marketers. When someone lands on one of your pages, this plugin can show them an ad of your choice before they get to see your content. You can make a text ad, a graphic ad or even a video ad. You put whatever HTML in the ad you choose. You also place a link saying something like “Continue to your page” (again, you choose the wording) that lets them bypass your ad. So it works a lot like the ads on YouTube and on other major sites that show ads prior to... [...]