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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Need an easy way to make video presentations? #ad

You may have heard of Prezi. Prezi lets you create presentations online, using the built-in transitions, fonts, etc. It’s used by lots of people. They have a free version and several upgrades for various monthly fees.Jason Oickle saw the value that Prezi offers smaller businesses, as well as some medium-sized businesses. But he also saw a problem: how could people discover all the non-obvious features that Prezi offers?His answer was to create training videos, called Easy Engaging Videos, showing you how to easily use Prezi to make video presentations that people love to watch.As you would... [...]

‘Create Meaning And The Money Shall Follow’ by Jason Oickle

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Jason Oickle’s latest blog post is titled “Create Meaning And The Money Shall Follow”. [Blog] […] [...]

‘Your Business Model Matters! Here’s Why’ by Jason Oickle

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Jason Oickle’s latest blog post is titled “Your Business Model Matters! Here’s Why”. [Blog] […] [...]

Jason Oickle Launches ‘PLR Videos Club’

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Jason Oickle has launched ‘PLR Videos Club’. According to Jason, the membership provides professionally created video series of 10-20 videos with written sales letter for every monthly video series about online marketing. [‘PLR Videos Club’] […] [...]

Jason Oickle Launches ‘Viral Ads Unleashed’

Jason Oickle has launched ‘Viral Ads Unleashed’. According to Jason, with ‘Viral Ads Unleashed’ an affiliate link is embedded in the widgets and ad blocks displaying on one’s site to passively build a network and income. [‘Viral Ads Unleashed’] […] [...]

Jason Oickle Launches ‘PowerEffects’

Jason Oickle has launched ‘PowerEffects’. According to Jason, ‘PowerEffects’ made it simple to create visual effects like animated headlines, subheads, graphics, and more. [‘PowerEffects’] […] [...]

Craig Kaiser & Jason Oickle Launch ‘IM Minisites Pro Pak’

Craig Kaiser and Jason Oickle have launched ‘IM Minisites Pro Pak’. According to Craig and Jason, the package includes 50 brand new, easy to edit, professionally designed Minisite Templates. [‘IM Minisites Pro Pak’] […] [...]

Jason Oickle Launches ‘E-Writer Pro’

Jason Oickle has launched ‘E-Writer Pro’. According to Jason, ‘E-Writer Pro’ allows users to generate PDFâ„¢s with security options and Save books or articles in Word, RTF, Text or HTML. [‘E-Writer Pro’] […] [...]

Jason Oickle & Matthew P. Griffi Launch ‘The Adsense Secrets Unleashed Trilogy’

Jason Oickle & Matthew P. Griffin have launched ‘The Adsense Secrets Unleashed Trilogy’. According to Jason and Matthew, ‘The Adsense Secrets Unleashed Trilogy’ shows how to sign up for an Adsense account and build a profitable Adsense web site step-by-step. [‘The Adsense Secrets Unleashed Trilogy’] […] [...]

Jason Oickle Launches ‘Sales Page Scribbles’

Jason Oickle has launched ‘Sales Page Scribbles’. According to Jason, ‘Sales Page Scribbles’ includes marketing phrases and shapes needed to create a sales letter effectively. [‘Sales Page Scribbles’] […] [...]