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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Ultra Domain Source for your domain networks #ad

Jason Duke has been buying domain names and then building sites for quite a while, now. He uses them for other purposes, but primarily he turns them into Private Blog Networks. He finds these available domain names for PBNs at what he calls his Ultra Domain Source for PBNs. The reason he likes this source is two-fold: 1. There’s no competition to speak of, so the cost to acquire the domain name is very low. 2. The quality of these domain names is quite high; “amazing” is the word he uses. He is confident you will be more than satisfied with his information because: • This will... [...]

Ultra Domain Source for PBNs: Better ingredients make better networks #ad

Jason Duke is an SEO consultant with a lot of experience and, it appears, a lot of “street cred”. He says that in his experience, Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are needed for Search Engine Optimization. And the best networks are built from the highest quality domains. He has found a source of high-quality domains that he has found to fit well into blog networks, and now in his training, Ultra Domain Source for PBNs, he is sharing this source with you. He is convinced of the quality of these domains, and says about them, These aren’t ordinary domains either, these are real and meaningful... [...]