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Monday, September 25, 2023

SEO Commander: PC software to dramatically boost ranking #ad

Cliff Carrigan has partnered with SEO Ninja Jane Williams to produce software that will tweak your SEO to boost your page rankings: SEO Commander As one happy user says: I tested it for weeks and got some amazing keywords out of it for my websites. I run a bunch of eCommerce sites for eBay and Amazon so this tool couldn’t of come at a better time for me, i love it and my traffic has increased since using it. John USA With SEO Commander, you can investigate other websites in your niche, find out what keywords they are using to pull in their traffic, and then use those same keywords in your... [...]

SEO Commander gets your SEO data from 15 mega-marketers #ad

Authority sites, the sites respected by the search engines and getting thousands of visits each day know their market; that’s how they got to be authority sites. Wouldn’t it help your own site to know behind the scenes information about what searches are directing people to the authority sites? With that information, your could tailor your own site’s content to address the concerns those searches represent. SEO Commander software pulls back the curtain so you can profit from the search information authority sites have that you don’t. This new software lets you discover the... [...]