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Saturday, September 24, 2022

How to Drive More Sales from Instagram [Video]

Social media platforms play an important role in enabling businesses to grow their sales. With a right set of tactics, you can use Instagram to make more sales. Watch Neil Patel’s latest video ‘How to Drive More Sales from Instagram’ for some useful tips. He says, “How to drive more sales from Instagram. Did you know that Instagram has over a billion users according to Statista? Now just think about how many sales you are generating from Instagram. I bet you’re generating a tiny amount of sales from Instagram, if not realistically, zero sales. So how do you change... [...]

What’s The Best Times to Post on Instagram?

Various research studies have confirmed that publishing in a specific time period helps you achieve better results on social media. Search Engine Journal contributor Ingrid Adames has published an article highlighting the best times to post on Instagram. She says, “This guide will give you background info and specific post times to get higher engagement rates and connect with your target audience on Instagram. What Time Are Instagram Users Most Active? First – remember that many time zones comprise the world. So, knowing which segment of a global audience you’re trying to reach... [...]

Your Guide to Editing Instagram Posts

Your social media marketing can be fostered with the help of quality content. When it comes to Instagram marketing, your image and video content need to polish. Design Wizard’s Anne Carson has shared a guide to help you edit your Instagram posts after publishing them . She says, “In this blog, we will take you through how to change your Instagram post, as well as how to edit Instagram photos to look even better! Knowing how to edit Instagram photos can make the world of difference to your engagement, and it’s not that complicated either. 1. How to Change Your Instagram Caption... [...]

Creating a Sales Funnel Using Instagram

Instagram’s popularity among social media users, has created an ocean of opportunities for brands and marketers. By tapping the right features, you can grow your business. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Kim Walsh Phillips has published an article to help you create a sales funnel using Instagram. He says, “Since Instagram isn’t a place people go looking for goods and services, to use this networking platform as a lead generation tool, you need to offer your prospects something of value in order to get them to click on your bio link. Enter your magnetic offer The goal... [...]

7 Steps to Instagram Marketing Success #ad

Luis Javier has released Instagram Marketing Secrets 2.0. This guide shows you how to use Instagram to pull traffic to any website, and to get it started right away. Instagram Marketing Secrets 2.0 shares strategies such as: • How to choose the best niches to promote on Instagram. • How to get highly targeted traffic from your Instagram Channel. • How to get the most subscribers to your Instagram Channel. • And a lot more. In this traffic guide, Javier shares these tips using a step-by-step process. It’s not hard; just seven steps. It’s as simple as “copy and... [...]